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12 Things to See and Do in Miami

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By ActiveBeat Author

Florida’s east coast is littered with sunny beaches and palm trees. There are countless places to escape your winter woes and soak up the sun. None of them, however, are bigger or more exciting than Miami.

Miami is the perfect place to soak up some rays on the beach during the day, and then put on your dancing shoes and party all night. Miami Beach is an amazing little city of its own with the white art deco buildings and their neon lights – a place like no other. To help you plan your trip, here is our list of the 12 things to see and do in Miami.

12. Miami Beach

The architecture on its own is reason enough to visit Miami Beach, never mind the ocean, beach, food, and nightlife. The beach is its own city in Miami, separated from the downtown by a waterway. You’ll likely want a few days to explore this most famous area of Miami, but at the very least be sure to dedicate an evening here. The beach is a beautiful place, and once the sun sets behind the city, the area comes to life. World class hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs are waiting for you here.

11. Little Havana

This charming neighborhood is a fantastic place to try some authentic Cuban food and forget for a moment that you’re still in the United States. Take a stroll through Little Havana where you can sip on a Cuban coffee, chomp down on an authentic Cuban sandwich, and if you feel so inclined, ease your digestion with a fresh mint mojito or a Cuban cigar that was rolled right in front of your eyes.

10. Miami Nightlife

Miami and nightlife are synonymous. A night out can get pretty expensive in South Beach, but that’s all part of living the high life in Miami. With an abundance of world class restaurants, bars, and clubs to choose from, you are bound to have a night to remember in one of the country’s premier nightlife destinations. Be prepared for your body and wallet to be hurting a little bit after you dance and drink the night away.

9. Stroll Through the Wynwood Walls

Tucked inside this trendy arts neighborhood is a collection of graffiti art plastered on the walls. A walk through the Wynwood Walls will tickle your artsy persona and leave you mightily impressed with how what can come from a spray can. The entire district of Wynwood offers hip places to hangout and art galleries to traverse. If you have any interest in arts, Wynwood and its walls are a must-see.

8. Tour the Everglades

When you think of Florida, you might think of beaches and alligators. If you want to see the latter in their natural habitats, head about 30 miles west of Miami to the Florida Everglades. A tour of this area on an airboat will provide you the safety you need to view these magnificent beasts up close. Along with alligators you can also find turtles and a variety of species of birds.

7. Crandon Park

A little island off the coast of downtown Miami offers one of the best beaches in the area. Crandon Park is home to an abundance of flora and fauna that help you forget about the concrete and high-rises just a short drive behind you. The park is host to one of the best tennis facilities in the area. The complex used to play host to an ATP Tour Masters 1000 event until it moved to the Hard Rock Stadium in 2019. If tennis isn’t your thing, try the golf course or any one of the water sports to be found there.

6. Miami Design District

The Miami Design District is your premier shopping destination in downtown Miami. Host to many designer fashion stores, you’ll be able to get your shopping fix here. You’ll also find art galleries, restaurants, and cafes in the neighbourhood. Even if the price tags might be a little bit out of your range, the window shopping and people watching is a good way to spend the afternoon.

5. Superblue Miami

This massive immersive art gallery will wow your senses and leave you feeling inspired. With one location in London and one in Miami, be sure to make your way to this amazing exhibit. If you love art and expression, you’ll love Superblue. If you don’t love art, we bet you’ll still be wowed. The art on display here is more immersive and engaging than traditional mediums.

Source: Superblue

4. Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

The Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is the former estate of James Deering. The sprawling 10-acre property is home to a beautiful estate surrounded by ten acres of Italianate gardens. Connect with the historic past of Miami as you walk through this age-old relic.

3. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens

The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens are south of downtown Miami but offer an exhibit that shouldn’t be missed. This 83-acre plot of land is home to a botanic garden with a vast collection of exotic tropical plants. The gardens are also home to “Wings of the Tropics”, a huge butterfly house with exotic butterflies from all over the world.

2. Stroll Down Española

Leave the United States for a little while and take a stroll through Española Way that will give you the feeling like you are walking through old-world Europe. Lined with charming restaurants, cafes, shops, and hotels, this stretch of Miami Beach is the best place to find a little taste of European cuisine.

1. Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

Fun for all ages is on tap at the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. Kids will have a blast exploring the exhibits, aquarium, planetarium, and live science demonstrations. This place isn’t just for kids though. Adults will also be amused through the different exhibits and demonstrations that the science museum has to offer. If you are in Miami with your family, this is sure to be a hit.

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