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Unseen Photos Of Queen Elizabeth II From Her Childhood Days

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By Olivia DiPede

Queen Elizabeth II sadly passed on September 8, 2022 at the age of 96. She was the UK’s longest-serving monarch after reigning for 70 years. Beloved by the world, she made a huge impact on both the nation and monarchy by helping to navigate decades of social change. She was a symbol of strength, compassion, and elegance and will be sadly missed by countless people around the world. In honor of her memory and her widespread impact, let’s take a look back at some rare photos from the monarch’s younger years.

Central Hall, Westminster  – 1937

This photo shows Queen Elizabeth with her mother, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, father King George VI and sister Princess Margaret. She was 11 years old at the time of this photo and is wearing a tailored peacoat and elegant hat. The family is attending the coronation concert for children at Central Hall, Westminster on June 4, 1937.

Press Association

Tenth Birthday – 1936

This picture is from Queen Elizabeth’s tenth birthday when she wasn’t yet a princess. Her uncle, King Edward VIII, was still on the throne. It was at the end of 1936 that Elizabeth’s father, the Duke of York, ascended the throne, becoming King George VI.

Everett Collection

Royal Tournament – 1930

Four-year-old Elizabeth attended the Royal Tournament at Olympic, London, in 1930 with her grandmother, Queen Mary. She is seen holding hands with her grandmother and wearing a collared dress and buckle-detail flats.

Press Association

14th Birthday – 1940

This picture is from Queen Elizabeth’s 14th birthday when she was still a princess. She and her family were spending time at Windsor Great Park, the royal family’s traditional private hunting estate. She spent the day horseback riding and picking daffodils.

Everett Collection

Christening Day – 1926

In this photo, Queen Elizabeth is a baby being held by her mother, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. The photo was taken on her christening day in 1926. Queen Mary is photographed on the left, with King George V behind, and the Duke of York, later to become King George VI, on the right.

(AP Photo)

Windsor Castle – 1927

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is photographed here in 1927 at exactly one years old. In this photo she is taking a ride through the grounds of Windsor Castle. She is riding with her cousin Gerald Lascelles, right, son of Princess Royal. She is seen here smiling towards the camera in an adorable way with a bonnet around her head.

(AP Photo/Fls/1927)

London 1933

In this photo, a young Princess Elizabeth is photographed shaking hands with a disabled soldier. The young royal was being introduced by her mother Elizabeth, the Duchess of York. The mother daughter duo visited disabled soldiers at an exhibition of their work in London.

(AP Photo)

Lady May Cambridge and Captain Henry Abel Smith Wedding 1931

On October 24, 1931, a young Princess Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth II) attended the wedding of Lady May Cambridge and Captain Henry Abel Smith. The event took place at the 16th century church at Balcombe, Sussex. In this photo, Elizabeth was just five years old. Many have compared the appearance of a young Queen Elizabeth to Princess Charlotte at this age.

Press Association

Royal Tournament 1931

In the spring of 1931, Queen Elizabeth was photographed attending the Royal Tournament, in Olympia, London. She is five-years-old at the time of this photo and arrived to the event with her parents. Even at a young age, Queen Elizabeth understood royal style and wore a gorgeous button-up dress with buckle-detail shoes.

Press Association

Royal Lodge 1940

In this photo, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret are photographed in the garden of their wartime country residence in Windsor. The two are wearing matching dresses and sitting in a carriage with one of their corgis. Queen Elizabeth was 14-years-old at the time of this photo.

Press Association

London Zoo 1938

In 1938, Queen Elizabeth, then Princess Elizabeth, was photographed at the London Zoo. She was photographed in this playful moment with her friend Shaun Plunkett taking the penguins for a walk.

(AP Photo)

Windsor Castle — 1940

In October 1940, Queen Elizabeth was photographed with Princess Margaret. The two were broadcasting on “Children’s Hour” from Windsor Castle during the Second World War. She reportedly called on evacuated young children to have courage and comforted them by sharing that she and Margaret knew how it felt to be separated from those they loved.

Press Association


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