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Fashion Mistakes That Are Making You Look Older

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By Olivia DiPede

  • While everyone has their own personal style, you could be making some common fashion mistakes are making you look older without you even realizing it.
  • It’s important to evaluate your wardrobe every few months to purge any items that may not fit anymore, don’t reflect your personal style or are no longer on trend.
  • Some common fashion mistakes that may be making you look older include outdated jean styles, overly matching your outfits, and wearing too much black, among others.

Your clothes give the first impression of who you are as a person, so it’s important to know your style and have a wardrobe filled with clothes that reflect your personality. As we get older and our style and bodies change, it can become more difficult to navigate style and which pieces work best for you.

There are a few common fashion mistakes that many women make as we age, and they may be making you look older without you even realizing. Follow along as we break down 12 common fashion mistakes that might be aging you and how to fix them.

Outdated Jean Styles

Jean shapes, styles and washes have come in and out of style over the years, but this can be one of the simplest ways you’re making yourself look older without realizing it. Be sure to opt for classic denim styles with simple washes to keep your outfits looking timeless and polished.

If you enjoy following trends, you could incorporate a new trendy pair of denim into your wardrobe for the season, but be sure to also clean out your wardrobe of any styles that may be outdated. It may be time to say goodbye to your skinny jeans and acid wash jeans in favor of a more straighter leg, modern style.


Too Much Black

While black is a safe color for many women and has the ability to make you look slimmer, it can also end up making you look older if you wear too much of it. Black can definitely make up the foundation of your wardrobe if this is a color you enjoy wearing, but be sure to sprinkle in some fun colors and prints to keep your wardrobe looking fresh and youthful.

We love having an array of classic black pieces such as jackets, t-shirts and skirts, but try to review your wardrobe and ensure it isn’t the only color that you reach for.


Overly Baggy Clothing

While baggy clothing may be comfortable and easy to reach for, it might not be doing you any favors when it comes to looking youthful. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to opt for tight clothing, it does mean you should take a second look at how the pieces in your wardrobe fit your body.

It’s important to look at proportions when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. For example, you could opt for a baggy trouser, but try to pair it with a tighter fitting shirt to ensure your body isn’t getting lost in too much fabric.

Shutterstock/Maria Markevich

Outdated Glasses

Glasses styles have definitely evolved over the years and your current glasses may be making you look older without you even realizing. Updating your lenses can instantly upgrade and refresh your look.

How long has it been since you last updated your glasses? Has it been more than 5 years? There may be some more modern or trendy options available, and it could be something to consider if you’re looking to refresh your style.


Following Outdated Trends

Trends come and go, so it’s important to have a wardrobe filled with timeless pieces that can work as the foundation of your outfits. While adding trendy pieces can keep your wardrobe looking modern and chic, it can also do the opposite if you’re following trends that have passed.

Be sure to evaluate your wardrobe and revisit some pieces that may have been trendy five or even ten years ago. Cleaning out your wardrobe before each season begins is a good way to purge any pieces that may not be suited to your style or the trends anymore.

Shutterstock/Maria Markevich

Too Much Matching

While matching some pieces of your outfit can make your look flow and appear stylish, there’s also the potential that matching too much could be making you look older. Years ago, it was super trendy to match your shoes, hat and handbag, but this could be making your outfit look outdated nowadays.

Next time you get dressed, try to experiment with your outfit and opt for accessories that pair well together but don’t match perfectly. This can make a huge difference on the overall aesthetic of an outfit!

Shutterstock/Victoria Chudinova

Frumpy Footwear

Another common accessory that might be making you look older is your footwear. As we get older, we tend to opt for comfortable footwear that might not always be the most stylish, but shoes that are comfortable and orthopaedic-friendly don’t have to be thick and clunky!

Many brands are offering trend-forward styles that still offer support and comfort, so this could definitely be something to look into if you’re hoping to add a youthful boost to your wardrobe.


Over Accessorizing

Accessories are a great way to add spice to an outfit, but it can also detract from an outfit if styled in an excessive way. When it comes to jewelry, it’s best to go to the minimal route for the most elevated and classic look.

If you do enjoy styling statement jewelry, we’d suggest sticking to one statement piece, whether it be a chunky ring or a bold necklace. This will give the jewelry a moment to shine without making your outfit look over styled or outdated.


Wrong Undergarments

Wearing the incorrect undergarments with an outfit can detract from your style, no matter your age. It’s important to fill your wardrobe with undergarments that are supportive and fit well for a seamless look.

When it comes to bras, wearing the correct bra that fits perfectly can actually make you look taller and younger! Consult a professional when getting a bra fitted and be sure the straps don’t dig and the fit feels comfortable. When it comes to underwear, try to opt for something seamless that doesn’t have obvious panty lines for an elevated, polished look.

Shutterstock/Kostikova Natalia

Chunky Jewelry

While bold and chunky jewelry can definitely make a statement, sometimes it can be over the top and detract from an outfit. If your jewelry collection is filled with bold, chunky items, they may be making you look older than you are.

For a more youthful vibe, we’d suggest opting for more simple jewlery pieces such as thin hoop earrings, chain necklaces, and cuff bracelets. You can always still incorporate some of your chunkier jewelry, but try to avoid styling too many bold pieces at once for a more classic look.

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Nude Pantyhose

Nude pantyhose were highly popular in the past, but not so much anymore. If you opt for nude pantyhose regularly when styling an outfit, they could be making you look older without you even realizing it!

To create the look of smooth legs, you could instead opt for a tinted body lotion or self-tanner for a more natural look. When the weather gets cooler, try reaching for more modern pantyhose such as something opaque, patterned or textured.

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Olivia loves all things beauty, fitness and health. In her free time, she can be found taking yoga classes, visiting Sephora and creating content for her personal lifestyle blog. She loves to travel to new countries, read thriller novels and spend time with her family.



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