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Vaccine Available for Pre-emptive Strike on Shingles

By Catherine Roberts

Shingles is a very serious concern for those who are fifty five and older and most people do not realize that there is a vaccine available to help prevent this condition. Incidents of shingles have been increasing in Australia have increased by more than doubled in the last 10 years and medical professional are recommending the vaccine for those over 60.

The vaccine that is currently being offered will not prevent all cases of shingles it does significantly reduce the amount of pain and suffering you will experience without the shot. The current vaccine being offered by Merck & CO prevents shingles with almost a 60% success rate. There are currently only five thousand doses available but the company hopes to have enough for all of Australia by the end of 2013. Getting the vaccine for people over 60 is highly recommended due to the recurring nature of shingles and the painful ramifications of contracting this disease.

The vaccine is still waiting for funding from the government but the shot is available to those who want it provided you are able to get a doctor’s prescription and pay the two hundred and twenty dollar fee. Shingles is caused by the varicella-zoster virus and results in painful blistering rashes over your body. It is most commonly found in people over 60, who have a weakened immune system, or who caught chickenpox’s at a very early age. The blister is concerning but it is the nerve damage that can occur that is very concerning. This nerve pain can last anywhere from one to six months after the rash has disappeared.

Source: AFR

Catherine Roberts


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