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Hobby Lobby Sues Obama Administration: Refuses To Insure Workers

By Catherine Roberts

Hobby Lobby has put in the paperwork to sue the Obama administration. The new health care mandate requires the company provide partial insurance to its employees, including the choice of contraceptives. The craft store owner, David Green, is a devout Baptist who believes that birth control violates his religious freedom. He is suing because the repercussions of not allowing his employees this right will cause him to face a 500 million dollar fine.

Many women, religious or not, require birth control for hormonal reasons. Lori Windham, attorney for Hoppy Lobby, says that, “They’re being told they have two choices. Either follow their faith and pay the government half-a-billion dollars or give up their beliefs.”

Thousands of angry consumers have taken to boycotting Hobby Lobby in response to this lawsuit. They point out that being pro-life doesn’t mean women should be punished for needing hormone control. One poster describes the initial success of the boycott, “I’ve been to two Hobby Lobby parking lots today and they were fairly empty. I used to have trouble finding parking spaces!” Another adds, “I think the boycott is catching on! I do not think they are getting the reaction they hoped for.”

Hobby Lobby has elaborated on their stance, saying that they would not object to a different mandate that included some cases of birth control. Their main issue lies in the ability for employees to procure the “morning after pill”. Currently the mandate is both or nothing.

Hobby Lobby has announced to customers that they fully expect to loose business over this decision. “The Green family respects every individual’s right to free speech and hopes that others will respect their rights also, including the right to live and do business according to their religious beliefs.”

Other religious companies have filed objections to the healthcare mandate. Many were successful, so the case for Hobby Lobby is strong.

Source: Fox News

Catherine Roberts


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