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FDA Warns Consumers to Be Careful With Topical Pain Relievers

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The Food and Drug Administration recently released a warning to consumers, altering them to the potential dangers of topical pain relievers. The agency has received over 40 complaints from consumers who claim they were burned after using products including skin patches, ointments, lotions and creams.

In most cases, the products were used as directed and the burns are believed to have been caused by individual skin sensitivities to compounds they contain.

“There’s no way to predict who will have this kind of reaction to a topical pain reliever for muscles and joints,'” said Dr. Jane Filie, a medical officer in the FDA’s Division of Nonprescription Regulation Development (DNRD).

Safe usage for topical pain relievers have been issued by the FDA to help prevent burns. Consumers are warned not to use topical pain relievers on broken or damaged skin and to avoid putting bandages on top of treated areas. Using a heating pad or a hot water bottle on skin already treated with a topical pain reliever increases the risk of burns, and medical attention should be sought immediately by any person suffering burns or other adverse side effects after using a topical pain reliever.

Source: CNN



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