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Celebrity Hacks for Healthy Eating

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By Olivia DiPede

Celebrities have access to some of the most acclaimed chefs, nutrition coaches and health professionals in the world. They are the holders of some of the world’s best-kept secrets when it comes to healthy eating, so it’s no wonder so many are curious about their go-to snacks and healthy meals. A few beloved celebrities have shared their tips and tricks on social media and we’ve rounded up some of the best. Follow along for a few celebrity hacks for healthy eating that you could add into your meal plan this week.

Jennifer Aniston’s Dairy-Free Carbonara

Classic carbonara is a guilty pleasure for pasta lovers, but Jennifer Aniston has a hack that will make this dish much healthier. The actress shared with PEOPLE that she skips the dairy in her carbonara recipe and instead saves a cup of pasta water. The starchy water gives the pasta tons of flavor without adding heavy cream.

She then tosses the pasta water back in the pasta along with an egg and parmesan cheese. She tops with turkey bacon instead of the standard guanciale or pancetta that carbonara calls for. The result is delicious and lightened up version of a classic dish.


Shay Mitchell’s Salmon Rainbow Salad

Shay Mitchell took to Instagram to share her go-to rainbow salad recipe that is packed with vegetables and color. To make this salad you’ll need leafy greens, tomatoes, celery, chickpeas, cucumber, radishes, red cabbage and salmon.

Simply chop and dice your veggies and then assemble. Top with a little lemon, dill and olive oil and you have yourself a clean, fresh dinner packed with nutritional benefits. If salad isn’t your favorite, she also shares two more healthy recipes in the video including mushroom air-fried pizza and her go-to roasted broccolini.


Kourtney Kardashian’s Apple Chips

Instead of loading up on potato chips in the evening, why not try this healthy apple chip recipe? Kourtney Kardashian shared this sweet and crunchy snack that she makes in batches to snack on throughout the week.

The recipe is actually quite simple and just requires baking thinly sliced apples with a sprinkle of cinnnamon. Since this recipe is made from scratch, it’s free of any additives and is a truly wholesome snack.

Shutterstock/Brent Hofacker

Jimmy Kimmel’s Healthy Mac & Cheese

Jimmy Kimmel took to social media to share his incredible hack for sneaking nutrition to a beloved classic — mac and cheese! The talk show host explained how he easily incorporates extra protein into the dish by blending cannellini beans and stirring them into the pasta.

The healthier take on this comfort food is a huge hit with his children, Jane and Billy, who even make a guest appearance at the end of the video. If your family is big on mac and cheese, this recipe is certainly worth a try for added nutrition benefits!

Shutterstock/Oksana Mizina

Courteney Cox’s Keto Chips

Do you follow the keto diet? Courteney Cox shared an incredible keto chip recipe on her Instagram that pairs perfectly with a fresh bowl of guacamole. Even if you’re not practicing the keto diet, this healthy chip recipe could definitely come in handy for your next gathering.

Cox creates the taste and crunchy texture of the chips by microwaving shredded mozzarella, adding in blanched almond powder and baking the rolled out dough for 15 minutes. She also shares a simple homemade guac recipe that only requires four key ingredients.


Reese Witherspoon’s Green Smoothie

Green smoothies are an amazing way to boost your energy and increase your nutrient intake. Reese Witherspoon took to Instagram to share her go-to green smoothie recipe and shared that she’s made this recipe daily for almost eight years.

To make this recipe you’ll need two heads of romaine lettuce, half a cup of spinach, one pear, one apple, one banana, and a whole lemon. Next, she adds coconut water and blends until smooth. She also shared that this recipe makes two portions, which is great for sharing with your partner or saving for the next day.

Shutterstock/Teri Virbickis

Chrissy Teigen’s Spaghetti Squash Lasagna

Traditional lasagna is a comforting classic, but there are definitely ways to elevate this dish to make it more nutritious and healthy. Chrissy Teigen took to social media to share her just-like-lasagna recipe which takes spaghetti squash and tops it with turkey bolognese and a parmesan, ricotta and pesto mix.

The result is both filling and packed with flavor, but best of all, it’s a much more wholesome option in comparison to traditional heavy lasagna.

Shutterstock/julie deshaies

Cameron Diaz’s Buffalo Cauliflower

Want a healthier alternative to buffalo chicken wings? Cameron Diaz has you covered! The actress took to social media to share her simple recipe to achieve the same great taste of buffalo chicken masked in a healthy broiled cauliflower recipe. 

The dish is relatively simple and will require a few key ingredients including one head of cauliflower, your favorite buffalo wing sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, olive oil, butter and your favorite ranch or sour cream dressing.


Mindy Kaling’s Nice Cream

Do you ever crave a sweet treat at night but wish there was a healthier alternative? Enter “nice cream!” Mindy Kaling took to Instagram to share her go-to healthy ice cream recipe which is actually surprisingly simple.

All you’ll need is a few frozen bananas and any other toppings you want! A few popular options are cocoa powder or peanut butter. Simply blend the banana and toppings together and you’ll have a smooth, creamy treat that will satisfy your craving.

Shutterstock/JRP Studio

Jennifer Garner’s Kale Chips

Crunchy and salty chips are many people’s dietary vices — including Jennifer Garner! The star took to her “Pretend Cooking Show” Facebook page to share her latest go-to crunchy substitution.

This recipe uses dinosaur kale as a base, which is a much sturdier option than traditional curly kale. She roasts the kale in the oven with olive oil, parmesan, and salt and pepper. The result is a delicious crunchy snack that saves you some calories and adds in a boost of nutritional benefits.

Shutterstock/Brent Hofacker

Kristen Bell’s Broccoli Garnish

There are so many ways to cook broccoli, but Kristen Bell thought of an inventive option that you may not have thought of before! She shared that her major secret to encourage her family to eat broccoli is to garnish it with crushed pretzels and parmesan.

While the pretzels may not add much nutritional benefit, they certainly add a lot of flavor and crunch. If it encourages kids to eat their broccoli, it’s certainly worth a try!

Shutterstock/Brent Hofacker

Olivia Culpo’s Healthy Fudgsicles

There’s nothing better than a chocolately fudgsicle on a warm summer day, but why not try a healthier alternative that tastes nearly as good? Olivia Culpo shared her secret to healthy fudgsicles that you’ll be making on repeat this summer.

To make this recipe you’ll need greek yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese as the base. Next, add in peanut butter, cocoa powder and Stevia to sweeten it before freezing. The result is creamy and packed with delicious chocolate flavor which will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.



Olivia loves all things beauty, fitness and health. In her free time, she can be found taking yoga classes, visiting Sephora and creating content for her personal lifestyle blog. She loves to travel to new countries, read thriller novels and spend time with her family.



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