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Top 11 Work From Home Jobs in the United Kingdom

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By Alannah Koene

  • Working from home provides many benefits, such as little-to-no commute, cost savings, work-life balance, and access to jobs all around the world.
  • Work from home jobs exist across most industries and range from entry-level to highly skilled positions.
  • Your employer may be willing to transition your current role to a partial or fully remote role, but you can also find remote work options on job boards and social media.

Approximately 23.9 million people in the United Kingdom work from home, enjoying benefits such as minimal commutes, fuel and food savings, and improved work-life balance. Whether they’re temporary, full-time, or part-time, remote jobs are available across a variety of industries. To get started, you typically only need a computer, internet access, and a valuable skill set.

If you’re interested in working from home, check out the top 11 remote jobs in the United Kingdom.

How to Find Work From Home Jobs

Companies are increasingly opening more remote work opportunities, and there are a few ways to find them. If you’re already working for a company in a role that can be performed at home, you can speak to your management about partial or fully remote work options.

You can also find remote positions on job boards by filtering your search to include work-at-home options. Although some companies posting on job boards may hire you to work on their payroll, many use job boards to find remote contractors or freelancers.

LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media platforms likewise provide great opportunities to connect to companies or roles that align with your values and qualifications.

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1. Bookkeeper or Accountant

Bookkeepers and accountants don’t need a formal office when they have the right technology at their disposal. These workers use software that assists with expense reports, financial transactions, processing payroll, and other related tasks. Accountants generally perform more complex tasks involving research and analysis.

These roles don’t always require formal education or certification, but you may be able to access more competitive opportunities with qualifications from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and relevant work experience.

Remote bookkeepers earn an average salary of £24,107, while accountants earn an average salary of £37,855.

2. Teacher

Classrooms are increasingly shifting to online formats, which means teaching jobs are too. Both online and physical education institutions are looking for teachers for all kinds of online schools, from elementary to college, and continuing education.

From your living room or home office, you’ll be responsible for delivering lessons, creating lesson plans, and grading assignments and tests. Virtual teachers often use web conferencing tools in addition to pre-recorded podcasts and videos to engage with students.

Depending on the school, you may need a college degree, Qualified Teacher Status, and Initial Teacher Training for teaching. Remote teachers earn an average salary of £31,632.

3. Customer Service Representative

Thanks to the wealth of tools and technology available, many remote customer service representative jobs are available. Some companies even operate on a fully remote basis, hiring customer service representatives for teams all around the world. In this role, you’re tasked with handling customer calls, web chats, emails, and social media messages.

Workers in this role typically don’t need formal education but should have strong communication and interpersonal skills to manage customer relations and complaints. The national average salary for customer service representatives is £20,211.

4. Sales Representative

Like customer service representatives, remote sales representatives are responsible for communicating with customers over the phone, video conferencing, email, and instant messaging. Sales representatives work specifically with sales leads and cold-calling customers and, as such, should have good product knowledge in addition to communication skills and time management skills.

Sales representatives often earn a combination of commission and wages or salary. Remote sales representatives earn an average salary of £28,864 and may advance to higher-paying management roles.

5. Content Creator or Manager

Content creation refers to digital media jobs that produce entertaining or educational content for a range of channels. This can include blogs and articles, editorial content, social media, and other kinds of visual, auditory or written content. Content managers oversee overall content strategy and possess a deeper understanding of digital marketing.

Influencers are content creators who build follower bases and generate income through brand deals and partnerships.

Becoming a content creator requires only that you have skills and knowledge in your chosen niche, be it lifestyle blogs or social media visual content. Salaries can range depending on the specific content creation role, with influencers earning an average of £32,344 per year, content writers earning £25,977, and content managers earning £42,330.


6. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants take on many clerical and administrative tasks that can be performed remotely. These tasks generally include computer or phone work, such as scheduling appointments, making travel arrangements, speaking to clients, and organising emails.

There are no formal education requirements to be a virtual assistant, but workers in this role should have strong organisational and communication skills and experience in administrative or office roles. Virtual assistants make an average of £24,789 per year.

7. Consultant

If you have exceptional knowledge or experience in certain industries, remote consulting or mentoring may be a lucrative option. Consulting or mentoring involves coaching people in professional or life goals and often requires guiding them to find solutions or strategies. As a consultant, you can charge businesses, individuals, and other organisations in exchange for your advice and knowledge on specific topics.

Consultants and mentors don’t need formal education but should have significant knowledge and experience in their niche. Remote consultants earn an average of £41,199 per year, and mentors earn an average of £21,938 per year.

8. Data Entry Clerk

Remote data entry jobs are relatively abundant and have few or no experience or education prerequisites, making them a great fit for people looking for flexible entry-level remote work. A typical workday involves manually transferring data from one source to another and accurately transcribing information into useful formats for businesses and clients.

Workers in this role succeed with analytical and administrative backgrounds and should also have solid organisational skills. Remote data entry clerks make an average of £23,969 per year.

9. Paralegal

Remote paralegals provide legal services to law firms and their clients using online and other remote tools. Their day-to-day tasks include legal research, managing contracts, scheduling appointments, communicating with clients, and filing forms with government agencies. Some virtual paralegals work in general legal settings, but many specialise in certain areas of law.

Working as a virtual paralegal doesn’t have any firm education or experience requirements, but a background in law and administration can help you find competitive job opportunities. Remote paralegals earn an average salary of £23,507.

10. E-Commerce

Working in e-commerce requires more of an entrepreneurial approach than most other remote jobs. With a few basic website skills and a membership on an e-commerce platform, such as Shopify or Etsy, almost anyone can set up an e-commerce shop. The hardest part is deciding what products to sell, and from there you can manage shipping or coordinate with drop-shipping suppliers.

Being an e-commerce shop owner can be a lucrative and rewarding remote work option, but it often requires a lot of time and effort. E-commerce shop owners make an average salary of £36,255.

11. Developer

The tech industry is constantly growing and, as such, has abundant developer jobs available. Depending on what kind of developer you work as, typical tasks and projects involve mobile applications, website widgets, and data management.

There are no formal education or experience requirements to work as a developer, but hiring companies or clients will want to see that applicants possess the necessary skills and traits to succeed. In addition to coding language skills obtained through formal education, training or experience, developers should possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

The average salary for developers is £41,851.

Alannah Koene


Alannah Koene is a content writer based in Victoria, British Columbia. Although she writes for a range of topics, her professional writing often focuses on business, health, and lifestyle. Spending much of her time exploring the outdoors through sport, Alannah aims to share her perspectives through writing and content. She’s happiest reading a book in her hammock with her dog napping nearby.

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