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Unique & Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for Toddlers

6 min read

By Activebeat

Trick or Treat!  Halloween is just around the corner.  You (or your little ones) may have already started to think about what they should be this year for Halloween.  If you are looking for some cute ideas for your little one, you have come to the right place.

Here is a list of some of the most adorable costumes for your little one, with links for buying them.  Happy Halloween to you and your family!

20.  Pumpkin

Well there isn’t a costume that screams Halloween as much as a pumpkin!  This adorable pumpkin costume will make a perfect photo opt next to your family’s carved jack-o-lanterns!

Buy it on Amazon: Toddler Pumpkin Halloween Costume

19. Superman/Wonder Woman

Dress your little one up in this adorable Superman Costume.  Guaranteed they will not want to take this one off at the end of the night.  You may see them playing dress up in this one once Halloween is over too!

Or, lets not forget about Wonder Woman!   Your little lady will look so strong and powerful in this sweet Wonder Woman costume.  No sibbling or parent would dare steal a piece of her candy!

Buy it on Amazon: Superman Toddler Halloween Costume
Buy it on Amazon: Wonder Woman Toddler Halloween Costume

18.  Cow

Moo!  If your little one is a big fan of farm animals, look no further than this adorable cow costume!  It will keep them nice and warm — perfect for a cool fall evening!

Buy it on Amazon: Toddler Cow Halloween Costume

17.  Paw Patrol Character

What little one doesn’t love the Paw Patrol?  Pick your little ones favorite character as their Halloween costume this year.  Little girls and boys will love their favorite pup!


Buy on Amazon: Chase Paw Patrol Halloween Costume
Buy on Amazon: Marshall Paw Patrol Halloween Costume

16. Star Wars Character

Are there any Star Wars fans in your household?  Your little one would look adorable in an adorable Star Wars costume — like this little Yoda or R2D2!

Buy it on Amazon: Star Wars Toddler Yoda Costume
Buy it on Amazon: Star Wars Toddler R2D2 Costume

15. Tinkerbell/Peter Pan

There isn’t anything as sweet and darling as this Tinkerbell costume.  Let your little lady dress up as this tiny fairy this Halloween!  Or, maybe try this Peter Pan Costume for your little one!


Buy it on Amazon: Toddler Tinkerbell Costume
Buy it on Amazon: Toddler Peter Pan Costume

14.  Cookie Monster

This beloved Sesame Street character would make the cutest idea for your little lady or gent!  Another warm costume, perfect for a cool Halloween night out trick-or-treating in your neighborhood.  This option comes with motion sensor light up googly eyes!

Buy it on Amazon: Cookie Monster Toddler Halloween Costume

13. Batman

Another popular Superhero costume is Batman!  With built-in bulging muscles, your little one will find the strength to carry a big bag of candy back home after a night of trick-or -treating!  Be sure to put some reflectors on your little ones arms with this one — so that they are more visible at night.

Buy on Amazon: Batman Toddler Halloween Costume

12. Police Officer/Fire Fighter

Freeze!  Hand over all of your candy!  There is nothing more adorable than seeing your little one in uniform.  Your little one will love this Police Officer costume, guaranteed!  Or perhaps this Fire Fighter costume!  Both super cute!

Buy on Amazon: Toddler Police Office Halloween Costume
Buy on Amazon: Toddler Firefighter Halloween Costume

11. Lion

Roar!  Let your little lion or lioness out in this cute costume this Halloween.  Perfect for any child who is a fan of zoo animals — there is nothing better than the king of the jungle.

Buy on Amazon: Toddler Lion Halloween Costume

10. Curious George

Is your little one a fan of Curious George?  If so, they will love this adorable Curious George the monkey costume this Halloween.  Maybe even dad would like to go around trick-or-treating in a yellow suit and big yellow hat?  No?  Just a thought….  Or maybe an older sibbling might be more easily convinced…

Buy on Amazon: Curious George Toddler Halloween Costume

9. Train Engineer

Is your little one as captivated by trains as mine?  Maybe a train engineer would make a nice option for this Halloween.  The striped overalls and engineer hat are too cute for words!

Buy on Amazon: Train Engineer Halloween Costume

8. Lumberjack

Now, this is so cute.  This would also make an easy DIY costume project for your little one this Halloween.  Or, if you are strapped for time, you can find a link here to buy a costume all ready to go!

Buy on Amazon: Lumberjack Toddler Halloween Costume

7. Ninja Turtle

Cowabunga dudes!   Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo or Michaelangelo — who is your little ones favorite Ninja Turtle?  This would make a great costume for any little boy or girl this Halloween!  Maybe even a few friends or sibblings can dress up as the others.

Buy on Amazon: Raphael Toddler Halloween Costume

6.  Pirate

Too cute!  Either of these little pirate costumes would be perfect for your little boy or girl.  They will well suited to go out on a mission for some candy bounty this Halloween!

Buy on Amazon: Toddler Boy Pirate Costume
Buy on Amazon: Toddler Girl Pirate Costume

5.  Marvel Superhero

Iron Man? Spiderman? Captain America? Thor? Hulk?  Any little Marvel fan will love these character costumes.

Buy on Amazon: Iron Man Toddler Costume, Spider Man Toddler Costume, Captain America Toddler Costume, Ultron Toddler Costume, The Hulk Toddler Costume

4. Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)

There’s no place like home!  Complete with ruby red slippers, this Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz) costume is so adorable.  Perfect for your little girl!

Buy it on Amazon: Toddler Dorothy Costume

3.  Toy Story Character

Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!  Is your little one a fan of this Toy Story character?  Or maybe they rather ‘reach for the sky’ with Woody!  Either way, these adorable Toy Story costumes would be prefect for your little one this Halloween night!

Buy on Amazon: Buzz Lightyear Toddler Costume
Buy on Amazon: Woody Toddler Costume

2. Minion

Do your little ones love the Minions/Despicable Me movies?  If so, how sweet are these little Minion costumes?  Any little girl or boy would look so cute in this costume this Halloween.

Buy on Amazon: Girl’s Toddler Minion Costume
Buy on Amazon: Boys Toddler Minion Costume

1. Witch or Wizard

How about the classic witch costume for your little girl?  Good witch or bad witch– they could be either.  Get out some green face paint for a spooky version!  Or, maybe your little one might like to be a Magical Wizard!  Happy Halloween to you and your family!

Buy on Amazon: Toddler Witch Costume
Buy on Amazon: Toddler Wizard Costume





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