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Rare Royal Couple Pics of Diana/Charles, Kate/William, Elizabeth/Philip You Haven’t Seen

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When it comes to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and Prince William and Kate Middleton, people are fascinated. There have been so many photos of these couples taken over the years, but there are so many that people aren’t familiar with. Check out these rare pictures of the late Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and Prince William and Kate Middleton that you have not seen:

39. Tour of Australia – 1983

In this picture, the royal couple was ending their tour of Australia in Melbourne. Diana seemed particularly happy as she donned this red dress with blue polka dots and waved to the crowd as she boarded the plane. She was clearly a hit with Australians.

Photo by David Levenson/Getty Images

38. Visiting University of St. Andrews – 2011

In 2011, the engaged couple returned to the University of St. Andrews, their alma mater, for its 600th-anniversary celebrations. The two met there in 2001 when they were both living in St. Salvatore’s Hall and studying Art History. A romance between them began to blossom in 2002 after Kate took part in a fashion show where William saw her wearing a see-through dress.

Photo by Rota/Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

37. Honeymoon – 1947

The Duke and Duchess spent their honeymoon at Broadlands House in Hampshire and then Birkhall Lodge, which is part of Balmoral estate in Scotland. This picture is from their time at Broadlands House.

Photo by Royal Collection via Tim Graham Royal Photos/Getty Images

36. Rupert Soames’ Wedding – 1988

The royal couple attended Rupert Soames 1988 wedding together in style. She looked stunning in this black and blue outfit while Charles looked dapper in his morning suit. Based on their body language, things seemed to have cooled off between them at this point.

Mirrorpix/Courtesy Everett Collection

35. Portrait – 1952

The year 1952 was an important one for Elizabeth – she became the Queen of the United Kingdom and Philip became her consort. This picture was from that time period, which is why she’s wearing a crown and a sash.

Everett Collection

34. Wedding in Switzerland – 2013

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the wedding of Laura Bechtolsheimer and Mark Tomlinson in Arose Switzerland in March 2013. The Duchess looks absolutely lovely in this picture with her perfectly coordinated brown hat and a beige coat.

Photo by Indigo/Getty Images

33. Tour of Italy – 1985

During their tour of Italy in 1985, Diana and Charles traveled to Sardinia where they received a warm welcome, as hundreds of cheering schoolchildren greeted them and waved British flags. Diana was clearly the star of this show. She wore this pale blue Jan van Velden suit and a John Boyd hat and looked absolutely beautiful.

Photo by Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

32. Family Photo – 1951

Here Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth are in 1951, a year after welcoming their second child, daughter Anne. Their eldest son, Prince Charles, is sitting next to Elizabeth and Anne. It would be several more years before they welcomed their younger sons, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

Everett Collection

31. Tour of Australia and New Zealand – 2014

During their three-week tour of Australia and New Zealand, Prince William got into the cockpit of a World War I Sopwith Pup single seater biplane at the Omaka Aviation Heritage Center while they were making a four-day stop in New Zealand. It looked like Kate was having a really good time!

Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

30. Tour of Australia – 1983

During their six-week Australian tour in March 1983, the couple climbed Ayers Rock, which is now called Uluru.  Here they are walking around the massive sandstone rock formation together. Diana looked lovely in this white dress with flats.

Photo by David Levenson/Getty Images

29. At Buckingham Palace – 1972

This photo was taken in 1972 at Buckingham Palace on the couple’s 25th wedding anniversary. It’s a particularly regal picture of the pair, but Philip looks a little too serious. It was his wedding anniversary – he should smile!

Everett Collection

28. Olympic Games – 2012

Prince William and Kate Middleton never share any affection for each other when they are in public, which is why this picture from the 2012 Olympic Games is so special. Here they are embracing each other as they cheer on Britain during the track cycling finals.

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

27. Tour of Italy – 1985

In 1985, Princess Diana and Prince Charles did a tour of Italy with their two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. In this picture, they are traveling by gondola along the Grand Canal without their children and both of them seem at least somewhat happy.

Mirrorpix/Courtesy Everett Collection

26. At Balmoral – 1953

In 1953, the royal family was a family of just four! Here Elizabeth and Philip are at Balmoral Castle with their two eldest children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne. It’s a pretty formal looking family portrait. Charles looks so young and timid!

Everett Collection

25. Commonwealth Day Service – 2016

Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge attended the Commonwealth Day service in 2016 in style. She rocked this gray hat by John Boyd with a gray coat dress by Erdem and matching Rupert Sanderson heels. Her coat had quite the pattern!

AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth

24. Tour of Cameroon – 1990   

The Prince and Princess of Wales did a three-day royal tour of Cameroon in March 1990. In this picture, they are watching a dancing display in Bamenda. It is clear in this photo that the royal couple is no longer as close as they once were.

Photo by David Levenson/Getty Images

23. Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation – 1953

Queen Elizabeth’s coronation was in 1953 and this is a photo from the celebration. She and Prince Philip were on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with their children as they waved to the crowds. It was a big day for the royal couple.

Photo by PA Images via Getty Images

22. RNLI ‘Hereford Endeavour’ Lifeboat Launch – 2011

The couple – who were engaged at the time – attended a service of dedication for a new RNLI lifeboat at Trearddur Bay Lifeboat Station in Anglesey, Wales, in February 2011. They had been keeping a low profile since they announced their engagement, so this appearance was a big deal and one that the town was anticipating. William and Kate didn’t disappoint!

AP Photo/Peter Byrne-pa

21. Tour of Australia – 1985

During their marriage, Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited Australia three times – once in 1983 and then again in 1985 and 1988. In 1985, the royal couple made a visit to Victoria to celebrate the state’s 150th anniversary and while there they attended the Melbourne Cup. In this picture, they are in the Government House in Melbourne, Australia.

Mirrorpix/Courtesy Everett Collection

20. New Zealand High Commission – 2011

Following the earthquake in Christchurch in 2011, the couple met with the deputy High commissioner Belinda Brown at the New Zealand High Commission in London to sign the book of condolences in memory of those who lost their lives in the earthquake.

Photo by David Parker – WPA Pool/Getty Images

19. Polo Tournament – 1961

The Queen presented her husband with a polo trophy at Windsor Great Park in 1961. These two certainly weren’t into any sort of PDA. The way she presented the trophy seems formal. By the time Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer, the two were able to show a little more affection than this!

Everett Collection

18. Guards Polo Club – 1987

In 1987, Diana presented Charles with a runner’s up medal at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor and the two shared a kiss. Interestingly, it was only a year earlier that Charles had begun an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. Maybe that’s why the kiss here seems so lackluster. 

Photo by David Levenson/Getty Images

17. The Derby Festival – 2011

The newly married couple attended the Derby Festival at Epsom Downs Racecourse in June 2011. Kate looked elegant in an off-white fitted jacket with a white dress underneath. She accessorized with a cappuccino-colored hat and a pair of nude pumps. Prince William went all out and wore a top hat and tails.

AP Photo/Steve Parsons/PA Wire

16. Engagement Announcement – 1947

The couple became engaged in 1946, but officially announced their engagement in July 1947. Here they are announcing their engagement at Buckingham Palace in London. They look so young and stylish – and in love!

Press Association

15. The Cheltenham Festival – 2007

In March 2007, Kate Middleton accompanied Prince William to The Cheltenham Festival. It was just a month after this that the couple broke up. The reason for the split – William was reportedly acting like a single man and Kate wanted more of a commitment from him. The break didn’t last long and by the summer they were back together.

AP Photo/Barry Batchelor/PA

14. Engagement Announcement – 1947

This is another photo from the royal couple’s engagement announcement. This is a pretty sweet photo. Look at the way Prince Philip was looking at Queen Elizabeth and the way that she looked back to him. Now that’s true love!

Press Association

13. Ski Holiday – 1985

The Prince and Princess of Wales went on a ski holiday to Vaduz, Liechtenstein, in January 1985. She arrived for the photocall in style in this red one-piece snowsuit from Harrod’s in London while he looked charming in his blue and white snowsuit. They certainly looked good together!

Photo by David Levenson/Getty Images

12. RBS Six Nations Championship – 2007

Prince William and Kate Middleton watched a rugby match between England and Italy at the RBS Six Nations Championship at Twickenham Stadium. The two looked like they were trying to keep a low profile, but the press wouldn’t have it. They wanted to photograph the most famous couple in the world.

Press Association

11. The Launching of RMS Caronia in Clydebank – 1947

After their wedding, the royal couple attended the launching of the RMS Caronia in Clydebank. While there, the couple stopped by the town hall to receive the town’s wedding present that they gifted the couple – an electric sewing machine!

PA Wire

10. St. Peter’s Basilica – 1985

In 1985, the Prince and Princess of Wales visited St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome during their tour of Italy. Before this, the royal couple had a private meeting with Pope John Paul II. Diana dressed to impress with this pink polka dot dress.

Photo by David Levenson/Getty Images

9. Tour of East Lancashire– 2011

This picture was taken just three weeks before the couple’s wedding. They were visiting East Lancashire in north-west England where they visited Aldridge Community Academy (DACA), unveiled a plaque and viewed a range of outdoor sports activities.

Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

8. At Union Station – 1957

In 1957, the royal couple visited U.S. President Eisenhower and his wife, Mamie Eisenhower, in Washington, D.C. In this picture, Elizabeth and Philip were at Union State, waving to the crowds, as they left for New York City.

Everett Collection

7. Banquet at the Palais De L’Elysee – 1988

During their joint tour of France, the couple attended a banquet at the Palais De L’Elysee in Paris, which was hosted by President Francois Mitterrand and his wife Danielle. In this picture, it seems the two were caught in some sort of misunderstanding.

Photo by David Levenson/Getty Images

6. Their Wedding – 1947

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were married at Westminster Abbey in November 1947, just four months after they announced their engagement. Here the two of them are just after their wedding. They both look really smitten!

Mirrorpix/Courtesy Everett Collection

5. Tour of Australia – 1983

During their tour of Australia in 1983, the royal duo visited victims of bushfires in Cockatoo, Australia. Diana dazzled in this lovely purple gown and it was obvious that these bushfire victims were happy to see the young, beautiful princess.

Photo by David Levenson/Getty Images

4. Rugby Match at Eton College – 2006

Prince William can be seen here giving Kate Middleton a hug after he played a rugby match at Eton College back in March 2006. Kate attended the match with her sister Pippa, who can’t be seen in this picture because the couple is blocking the view.

Photo by Indigo/Getty Images

3. Visit to Trinidad and Tobago – 1957

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip looked like the perfect royal couple when they visited Trinidad and Tobago in 1957. She looked incredibly stylish while he looked dapper. They would have been married ten years at this point.

Everett Collection

2. Nijo Castle, Kyoto – 1986

The royal twosome are pictured here attending a traditional tea ceremony at Nijo Castle in Kyoto, Japan, in 1986. At this point, Diana was well on her way to becoming a fashion icon. She looked absolutely stunning in this red and white polka dress with a matching red hat.

Photo by Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

1. Skiing in Klosters, Switzerland – 2008

In March 2008, together they took a ski trip to the Swiss resort Klosters, which is where his parents used to ski as well. The two are pictured here on a T-bar looking really serious. Maybe they knew that there was someone there photographing them?

Photo by Indigo/Getty Images

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