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Disliked General Hospital Actors

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By ActiveBeat Author

When it comes to General Hospital (GH), the land of Port Charles has seen some incredible acting talents over the years. Antony Geary (Luke Spencer), Finola Hughes (Anna Devane), and Tyler Christopher are just a few names that come to mind. Then there are a few GH actors who don’t necessarily hit the nail on the head when it comes to the portrayal of their characters, whether it may be lack of experience, general lack of talent, or not staying true to the personas they play. Below is a list of the 12 disliked GH actors.

12. Teresa Castillo

Playing the beautiful Sabrina Santiago, Teresa Castillo joined the GH cast in 2012. Perhaps it was the A-typical storyline she was initially a part of, and the cliché of it all that lands her on this list. The geeky girl infatuated with the popular guy so she turns into a blossoming flower to impress said man and only when she changes herself does she win his heart. Her initially introduction to GH fans was just far too predictable from the moment she set on eyes on Dr. Drake through her nerdy glasses. When she flip-flopped into the dark side in 2014, by giving Ava Jerome those drugs that could harm her baby while she was pregnant it just simply was not believable. Unfortunately, the Sabrina Santiago character has had too many twists and turns throughout the character’s tenure, without any real validation as to why she is making those decisions. More often than not, it sometimes seems Castillo is just playing an extension of herself.

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11. Bryan Craig

Speaking of Daytime Emmys, after three consecutive nominations since 2014, Bryan Craig snagged an Outstanding Younger Actor award this year. Sure, his onscreen alter ego did have a pretty heavy 2016, struggling with bipolar disorder. Craig did provide his best acting to date yet – still, was it Emmy-worthy? He has been playing the son of mob boss Sonny Corinthos for over three years now and has been getting better with each year, but still struggles to be believable and the character lacks depth.

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10. Hayley Erin

Hayley Erin was cast into the role of Kiki Jerome in 2015 replacing the talented Kristen Alderson, but she’s never been able to nail the true essence of Kiki and what she is all about. Since the day Kiki arrived in Port Charles in 2013, she seemed like a strong-willed, passionate and sexy young woman. However, since 2015 the character has fizzled into a weak victim, who constantly gets wronged and cannot stand on her own two feet.

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9. Jacob Young

Jacob Young has experienced great success with his portrayal of Rick Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful, and as such received three Emmy nominations in total during his tenure on the show in that role. However, in 2000 when he entered the role of Lucky Spencer, he didn’t exactly nail the part. Whether it was the fact that fans had grown so accustomed to Jonathan Jackson’s portrayal of Lucky, or just simply he was not a good fit for Young, his tenure as the son of Luke Spencer only lasted three years.

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8. Brytni Sarpy

Valerie Spencer rocked Port Charles when actress Brytni Sarpy first entered GH; however, she’s fizzled significantly since and in 2016 the character was brought down to recurring status. Was it that the writers had a lack of storyline for Valerie or was it the fact that Sarpy was never truly convincing in the part?

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7. Parry Shen

Parry Shen has played a pivotal role with GH since 2013 and has been a part of many groundbreaking storylines. While he’s involved in an intense baby-switch angle right now, he’s just not that believable in his Brad Cooper role. Whether Brad plays the sidekick schemer to Britt Westbourne or dutiful husband to Lucas Jones, Shen has never truly been able to nail the part over the years.

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6. Jennifer Bransford

Remember the stint Jennifer Bransford had in 2005 playing Carly Corinthos for a blink of an eye? Not many do, as she was only in Port Charles for about six months. While the character has seen many actresses in this role, fans may recall Carly #3. Branford was quickly taken off the show in 2005 and replaced with Laura Wright. Much to the gratitude of the fans, Wright has been playing Carly ever since.

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5. Tequan Richmond

Talented actor and rapper Tequan Richmond has been playing T.J. Ashford since 2012. While fans may recognize him from other Hollywood stints like Everyone Hates Chris, and the movie Ray, he’s also settled quite nicely into Port Charles over his three-year tenure with the soap. Sadly, the T.J. character still lingers as a one-dimensional persona on GH and while Richmond clearly has a successful future in acting, he has never seemed entirely believable in that role.

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4. Vinessa Antoine

Speaking of T.J., his mom Jordan, played by Vinessa Antoine, burst onto the Port Charles scene in 2014. Whether it comes to her daily dealings as Police Commissioner, or romance, or anything for that matter, Jordan has one look at it is always serious. Does anything please this hard-knocks beauty? Does anything ever get to her emotionally? Doesn’t seem so, as she plays a pretty expressionless persona. It makes sense, she’s been through a lot and is a cop, but Antoine needs to step up her game and allow GH audiences to see the many other sides of Jordan.

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3. Kelly Sullivan

Kelly Sullivan recently enjoyed a tremendous stint on The Young and the Restless playing Sage Warner. Sadly, Sage has passed away, and many Y&R fans were outraged, as Kelly will certainly be missed in Genoa City. Still, when Sullivan resided in Port Charles, her portrayal of Connie Falconeri/Kate Howard seemingly was not a good match. Sullivan had little onscreen chemistry with Sonny, despite their romantic history, not to mention the fact that her Brooklyn accent was a little flat when she dove from Kate into Connie.

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2. Lexi Ainsworth

Lexi Ainsworth has accomplished a lot as an actress and a recurring role on a major soap is not too shabby. Playing the apple of Sonny Corinthos’ eye, as his eldest daughter, Ainsworth has been thrust into many interesting GH storylines over the years. Sadly, considering who her parents are, Kristina is often portrayed as a spoiled brat who gets away with a lot and has everything handed to her. She’s nothing like her bright, quick-witted, and wiser younger sister Molly. Ainsworth has plenty of time to dive into her craft and really hone it and with Kristina’s recent storyline that dives into the idea of sexual boundaries, perhaps she can step up to the plate and help her character evolve into something that is noteworthy on the GH.

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1. Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco has never won a Daytime Emmy throughout her entire 15-year stint on GH and there is probably a good reason behind this. She’s beautiful, sexy and definitely a fan favorite, but still remains one-dimensional when it comes to portraying Sam McCall. Sure, the McCall character has endured a lot during her years in Port Charles, but still seems to react to things in much the same way: through the same deep (yet, sultry) voice and perhaps a bite of her lip now and again, not to mention her cute, cackle-like laugh, when things are going her way. Fans would never want Monaco to leave the show, but no one foresees any major acting awards granted to her anytime soon. She’s a great dancer though!

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