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Best Mother-of-the-Bride Dresses of 2023

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By Katherine George

Of course the bride and groom are the main attraction at any wedding, but the mother-of-the-bride also has an important role. Not only is it a major milestone for them as a parent, but they will be one of the main supports throughout the day. As such, the mother-of-the-bride should feel comfortable and confident in what she is wearing.

There is this misconception that all mother-of-the-bride dresses are frumpy or old-fashioned, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of dresses that cater to all different bodies and styles. We’ve compiled a list (with links) to some of the best mother-of-the-bride dresses of 2023…

Wrap Dress

Most of us have worn a wrap dress before, but we don’t often see it on the mother-of-the-bride at a wedding. While they are often more of a casual dress, there are definitely some more formal options. Because they tend to be made of a lighter material, we suggest opting for a wrap dress during the spring or summer months.

Wrap dresses are super flattering and often have a shorter hemline in the front providing the perfect opportunity to show off a pair of dazzling shoes! You can also find them in all different colors, or even a beautiful pattern.


Looking for something a little less traditional? Try opting for a jumpsuit! This is the perfect choice for someone who might not be comfortable showing their legs or want something a little warmer for those seasonally unpredictable months. Let’s face it, they are also very comfortable.

As the mother-of-the-bride, this can’t be any old jumpsuit. We’re looking for something formal with detail, sophistication, and a little flair. Since this isn’t the classic mother-of-the-bride outfit, it might be a little more difficult to find which is why we’ve already done the digging and found this one by Talbot Runhof for $737.50.

Velvet Dress

We don’t often see velvet dresses, but in 2023 they are going to be a lot more common. This fabric is an appropriate option for a winter wedding, possibly a wedding that is close to the holidays. It’s very elegant and sophisticated, exactly what the mother-of-the-bride should be.

You can find velvet dresses in all different shapes and silhouettes. They tend to come in darker tones, sometimes with extra sparkly details or embroidery beading. Since they tend to be worn during cooler months another common feature are sleeves (long or short) and a longer length.

Sequin Dress

A sequin dress is sure to add a little more glitz and glamour to an already fabulous event. The mother-of-the-bride plays an important role on her daughter’s wedding day which is why she should stand out when it comes to her attire! A sequin dress is the perfect way to do that.

You’ll be shimmering like a disco ball on the dance floor and definitely turn some heads (in a good way)! A sequin dress is a festive choice for a wedding around the holidays or even better, New Year’s Eve. But really these dresses can be worn during any season.

Cape Gown

This dress option is for all those mother-of-the-brides who aren’t afraid to make a bold fashion choice and stand out in the crowd! We don’t want to upstage the bride by any means, but someone who is looking for something a little less traditional and very elegant, this is a great option.

You can find cape gowns that have an over the top billowing cape, or others that are a little less dramatic, but still offer the same effect. An added bonus is that the extra coverage comes in handy if this is a winter wedding, or during a cooler month.

Embroidery Beading

Beading can elevate any dress with sparkle and making it more dimensional. You can find beading on pretty much any style of dress which means there is something for anyone — from floor length to short, off the shoulder dresses, or ones with or without sleeves. And of course, any color or design.

If the bride has lots of beadwork on her gown, mothers might want to stay away from a beaded dress. But a beaded floral design would suit a spring or summer time wedding. Plus it stands out perfectly against most light and pastel colors.


Most of the time the dresses we wear are heavily influenced by the season. If it’s a spring or summer wedding, floral is always a good option. These dresses tend to be more feminine be design and very trendy. We will caution against choosing anything too vibrant or “busy” as we don’t want the dress to clash with any other color schemes of the day (i.e. suits and dresses of the bridal party).

Keeping that in mind, there are plenty of very subtle, beautiful floral mother-of-bride dresses to choose from. You likely won’t find any floor length gowns in this design, but lots of tea length dresses, short-sleeve, or some wrap dresses.

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