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Tasty But Low Sugar Breakfasts

By Lauren MacDonald

It can be hard to give your body what it needs in the morning—a filling breakfast that isn’t pumped full of sugar. Many cereals and store-made breads and pastries are full of unnecessary sugar, but you don’t need sugar to make something tasty.

It’s important to fit in this first meal of the day because a proper breakfast will give you the energy and sustenance your body needs to prevent you from snacking throughout your day.

The following nutritious breakfast recipes are low in sugar and full of heart-healthy antioxidants and nutrients…

Yogurt and Berries

You can easily turn plain or vanilla Greek yogurt into a delicious breakfast with the help of some mixed berries. Great for the heart, blueberries will give your morning meal a shot full of antioxidants and have just enough of a sweet kick to tame your sugar cravings.

Strawberries are also a good alternative and contain less sugar per serving compared to blueberries, so you can add more whole or sliced berries. If you want to add a little more “meat” (aka: sustenance) to the meal, low-sugar oats are full of fiber and will do the trick.

Ham and Cheese Bagel

Sometimes you just want to eat some carbohydrates and indulge in a tasty breakfast sandwich—without feeling guilty. Bagels don’t require much sugar to make and there is tons of whole grain, fiber-rich recipes available.

If you use reduced-fat cheese and low, lean sodium ham or turkey (look for brands that use natural ingredients and less preservatives), you can create a breakfast that will satisfy your cravings for something tasty and cheesy, without a lot of sugar, bad fats, or calories.

Fruit-Filled Smoothie

While many fruits contain high amounts of sugar, smoothies can still be a low sugar breakfast option. Smoothies are super healthy, filling, fiber-rich, and easy to make year round. When local fruit is in season, you can fill your blender with fresh fruit and a bit of low-fat milk, soy or almond milk, or Greek yogurt.

You can also throw in some spinach to get a good dose of fiber from greens. When berries and other smoothie fruits aren’t in season, there are healthy, frozen fruit options available at most grocery stores. Just make sure the frozen fruit is unsweetened.

Veggie and Egg Casserole

Egg casseroles are a simple but delicious breakfast food. They’re very versatile—you can change up the ingredients depending on what you’re in the mood for. It’s really easy to fit a lot of nutrient-rich veggies and fiber into an egg casserole.

Spinach is a common casserole ingredient, along with peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions. And of course, a little bit of cheese when you feel like the craving is another tasty option. Throw the mixture of eggs and vegetables into the oven to bake and the result is a tasty low sugar meal you can eat all week long.


Oatmeal is the perfect heart-healthy breakfast food and it’s easy to reduce your sugar intake if you take advantage of how easy it is to make at home. A lot of store bought oatmeal products have an outrageous amount of sugar.

Not all of them are over the top, but many are, so be sure to read the ingredient list and nutritional table before you buy. Or you can make your own oatmeal using quick oats, oil, cinnamon and a dash of honey. You can naturally sweeten your bowl by adding in some nuts, a dollop of apple butter, raw honey, cinnamon spice, real vanilla extract, or real maple syrup for zero refined sugars.

Egg Burrito

Egg burritos are a delicious low sugar breakfast option. Using a mix of eggs and egg whites to make it even healthier, scramble up the eggs with your favorite vegetables. Consider using veggies that aren’t necessarily known as breakfast foods—like broccoli, bell peppers, and mushrooms—to add in more nutritional value and fiber.

The good thing about burritos is that you can add whatever you want into your roll up. Place the scrambled eggs and veggies on a whole grain tortilla shell, topped with some cheese and homemade salsa.

Continental Style Foods

Continental style breakfasts are a great way to mix up your normal breakfast routine because you get to pick and choose from a variety of snack-sized items. If you’re bored and need a change, a continental breakfast can easily be low in sugar.

Mix it up with lean deli meats, low-fat cheeses, homemade muffins, some raw nuts (for a healthy fat), and fresh fruits. This style of breakfast will fill you up and keep you full until lunch. But make sure you skip the store bought pastries or granola bars because they’ll likely have a high refined sugar content.

Apples and Peanut Butter

If you’re in a rush and need something that’s quick, easy and filling, apples with natural nut butter (i.e., almond or peanut butter) will do the trick. You can slice your apples like you normally would or cut several thin slices so you can make an apple and peanut butter sandwich.

Spread a measured amount of peanut butter (a couple tablespoons) on the slices and enjoy. Natural nut butter is full of fiber, healthy fats, and protein that will keep you feeling full and it comes with a good dose of flavor. If possible, look for natural, low sugar nut butters.

Egg Sandwich

Egg sandwiches are a not-so-healthy fast-food favorite, but if you make it yourself, it can be a good low sugar breakfast. Using a whole grain English muffin, cook two eggs and some ground turkey and place it on the muffin.

Or for a delicious topping that isn’t packed full of sugar, add some homemade guacamole or smoked salmon—either of these will make your low sugar breakfast more filling and tasty.


Who doesn’t love a stack of pancakes to start their day? Pancakes are a good low sugar option, but they should be made from scratch. Many store bought mixes contain unnecessary sugars so making the batter from scratch is the best way to go.

Using some common ingredients—flour (whole-wheat, oat, flour, or quinoa flour as a healthier alternative), eggs, baking powder, salt, low fat milk, and light butter—you can whip up a delicious low sugar breakfast in no time. Instead of table syrup, you could use almond butter, fresh fruits, or a fresh fruit puree as your topping.

Lauren MacDonald


Lauren is a freelance writer with experience researching and writing about a wide range of topics, from healthy living and exercise to environmental trends and advocacy. She is a huge yoga enthusiast and has a love of healthy cooking.

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