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Writer, Diabetes

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Tom Karlya is the Vice President of Diabetes Research Institute Foundation and founder of DiabetesDad. 
He has two children, Kaitlyn and Rob, who were both diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He is the co-creator and founder of, a site dedicated to educating communities about diabetes. He has lectured at numerous conferences across America and played a pivotal role in passing legislation in the U.S. regarding the missed diagnosis of diabetes. He has been instrumental in advising a national initiative with the Beyond Type1 Foundation and was awarded two Telly Awards for his video on the missed diagnosis of T1D.

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Managing the Holidays with Kids and Diabetes Your Health

Managing the Holidays with Kids and Diabetes

While it might seem ignorant to ignore the fact that these two major holidays which largely center around food and treats might be a huge challenge for people with diabetes, they aren’t completely off the table. There are ways to manage this holiday season and still have fun! Here are some of my tips on how to juggle kids, diabetes, and the holidays.

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