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Your Guide To Exercise While Pregnant: 7 Safe Work Outs

By Catherine Roberts

There is a social belief that pregnant women must be sedentary for the health of their unborn child. While this is true for complicated pregnancies, most expecting women actually benefit from moderate exercise. The main benefits are to mood, with high endorphin levels released while working out. Other benefits are improved sleep, strengthening muscles, managing weight gain, and keeping you flexible. Always discuss a new exercise program with your doctor, especially if you are pregnant.

The top 7 pregnancy workouts are:

1)     Walking. It may be simple, but walking is one of the most effective workouts possible. It has an amazing effect on endurance but it is also low impact. With the extra pregnancy weight, running is very difficult and it can be dangerous to your child. Try a brisk walk, but make sure you’re wearing supportive walking shoes.

2)     Dancing: Similar to walking, low impact dancing is a fun and easy way to work out. It is great for cardiovascular health. Make sure the routine or class has you doing safe movements for your baby. Don’t attempt poll dancing or ballet jumps.

3)     Aerobics. Many fitness centers host aerobic classes especially for pregnant women. These groups will have you doing safe, slow movements that will keep you balanced and safe. It is also a great way to connect with other expecting mothers.

4)     Swimming. This is the pinnacle of pregnancy workouts. It is low impact but requires many different muscle groups. Another benefit is that the weightlessness of being in water will make moving while heavily pregnant easier.

5)     Yoga. Like aerobics, many studios hold yoga classes specifically for pregnant women. This is a low energy class but it will make you more flexible and limber.

6)     Weight Training. This one might seem strange, but pregnant women can lift weights. Go for a lighter resistance and do more reps so that you don’t strain your body. It would be a good idea to hire a personal trainer to show you the safest way to lift weights.

7)     Stretching. This might not seem like a workout, but proper stretching is very important to pregnant women. It helps prevent muscle strain and can build core muscles.

Source: Baby Center

Catherine Roberts


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