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10 Celebrities With the Best Skin!

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Getting that perfect glow isn’t easy. Achieving radiant skin may seem like an impossible task for many people but a good skin care regime can go a long way.

Take a cue from these 10 celebrities who have been blessed with perfect skin and know how to keep it looking fresh and natural. These women all feature flawless faces that look luminous everyday.

If you’re looking for celebrity inspiration when it comes to skincare, take a look at these beautiful faces:

Scroll through to see our top pick for best skin!

10. Megan Fox

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9. Julianne Hough

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8. Michelle Williams

Helga Esteb /

7. Natalie Portman

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6. Reese Witherspoon

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5. Blake Lively

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4. Halle Berry

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3. Rihanna

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2. Mila Kunis

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