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Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

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By Katherine George

Ask any person what their favorite part of summer is and they’ll likely comment on the seasonal warm weather. Who doesn’t love a little heat, especially after a long cold winter? But we’ll also admit we’d like to cool off and stay cool on those excruciatingly hot and humid days. This is especially true for people who don’t have air conditioning or have little ones who want to play outside.

If you’re someone who’s looking for some ways to cool off this summer, not to worry — there are lots of little tips and tricks people can do in order to turn down the heat without escaping the heat! Plus some of them are super fun, and even a little tasty! Check out our list of 10 ways to keep cool this summer…

DIY Slip and Slide

Let’s face it, everybody loves a good slip and slide! As a kid I used to love them. It was such a treat when someone had one at their house or the camp I was at would pull one out for the kids to enjoy. Not only will this activity provide some relief from the heat — it’s super fun and bound to bring out a bunch of laughs.

You can likely find a slip and slide at any local store like Walmart or Target, but if not, you can also just make your own. Look for an old tarp that might be lying around in the garage and then run a hose over it. Have the kids all line up and one at a time run and slide down it!

Frozen Treats

We’ve got some frozen treat ideas for both kids and adults. When it comes to the kids, you can make your own popsicles! All you need is some juice, frozen fruit, and a freezer! You can buy popsicle kits that make it nice and easy or just use some popsicle sticks and an ice cube tray or plastic cups. You could also try your favorite smoothie recipe. Another great snack idea would be to just freeze some fruit and enjoy it as a nice cool snack when the sun starts to get a little too hot.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the adults! Why not dust off that blender and whip up a delicious batch of margaritas! One sip will feel like jumping into a cold refreshing pool of water. Don’t forget to add an umbrella to that drink! You could also keep the popsicle idea and just add your choice of alcohol (i.e., wine, vodka, or rum).

Inflatable Pools

If you’re like most people and don’t have a big concrete pool in your backyard, you’re going to have to get a little more creative when it comes to cooling off on a hot summer day. This is where the joyous inflatable pool comes in! Just like the slip and slide, you’ll likely be able to find an inflatable pool at most stores during the summertime. Some of them are pretty cool and even have built in slides and fountains!

While we often associate kiddie pools or inflatable pools with children, adults can enjoy them too! Obviously with the kids, they’ll have their own fun with a big inflatable pool, but for those who don’t have kids, grab a book, pour yourself a drink, and go sit in an inflatable pool! It might not be as glamorous as a vacation or the beach, but it’s bound to do the trick.

Run Through the Sprinkler

When I think of being a kid and enjoying the summer, I immediately think of running through the sprinkler. This was a go-to activity in the summer. One run through the sprinkler is sure to cool anyone off!

This is a super easy way to entertain the kids and cool off at the same time. Pull the sprinkler out, get the kids (and yourself) in their bathing suits, and start running through the sprinkler. They will love it, plus it’ll give your lawn a nice drink of water too!

Go to a Water Park

Okay, this one is probably obvious, but during those hot summer months, one of the best ways to cool down is to go visit your local water park. Most big cities have one nearby or at least within driving distance. Pack the kids up and go spend the day at the water park. They’ll have tons of fun, plus it’ll keep everyone nice and cool for the day. This is a great option for families who don’t have a pool in their backyard.

You can also go visit a nearby public pool. Most of them are open seven days a week in the summer and even offer a seasons pass or family price, so you can make a habit of going any time you need a refreshing dip. They might even have swimming lessons or run day camps for the kids.

Water Balloon Toss

Water balloon toss is a go-to summer activity. While you might not like the idea of getting hit with a water balloon, that refreshing splash of water that comes afterwards makes it all worth it. Have some fun with the kids or your friends by filling up a bunch of balloons with water and tossing them around for a little good old fashioned fun.

Go to the Library

When it’s too hot outside, head indoors. Parents are usually looking for things to do in the summer while their kids are home all day and visiting the local library is a great option. It’s a reason to get out of the house and will hopefully get the kids more excited about reading if they have some new material. Some might even be hosting family-friendly events.

Most towns and cities have a local library that is open to the public, and hopefully they even have air conditioning. Some might even be hosting family-friendly activities that you can partake in. If you don’t have kids, grab a coffee and go curl up with a good book.

Cook Outside

Have you ever noticed that you get really hot while cooking in the kitchen, especially if you’ve got the stove and oven going at the same time? It’s already hot enough in the summer and if you don’t have air conditioning, firing up these appliances is only going to make your home even more unbearable. Instead, take your cooking outside onto the barbeque. This way you’ll get to enjoy the breeze (if there is one), the sunshine, and get some fresh air. Plus, summertime is all about hamburgers and hotdogs, isn’t it?

Turn the Lights Off

Believe it or not, having lights on in the house generates heat and can quickly heat up a room. Even LED bulbs will produce a little bit of heat. Most people keep the lights off in their house when necessary to save money on their hydro bill, but if not, the summer is time to start. Get into the habit of keeping the lights off as much as possible during those hot summer months in order to keep the house nice and cool.

In addition to turning the lights off, you should also keep all the curtains drawn. This will help keep any heat out because sunlight streaming in through the windows can also increase the internal temperature of the house. If you haven’t already, get into the habit of closing the curtains before leaving for work or heading out for the day.

Stay Hydrated

It’s always important to drink lots of water, but it’s even more important during hot weather. Our bodies are smart and sweat as a self-cooling mechanism, but it also causes us to lose water. We should be drinking approximately 8-glasses of water on the average day, but in the summer months when we’re sweating, it’s recommended we drink even more to replace what we lose through sweating.

If you’re being active in the heat either with sports, out for a run, or just playing with the kids, be sure to drink lots of water and stay well hydrated. Don’t wait until your thirsty to drink some water. Keep it on hand and drink it regularly throughout the day.

Senior Managing Editor

Katherine is the Senior Managing Editor of ActiveBeat and Childhood. She is constantly striving to live a more active and healthy life, from eating healthy, exercising, and just spending more time outdoors. She enjoys cooking (with wine), walking her dog, reading, and recently joined a yoga studio!

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