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Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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By Clarissa Vanner

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day of love, romantic gestures, and loads of red and pink hearts everywhere. It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day can be stressful. From planning the perfect date to buying the perfect gift — it can be overwhelming. While a Valentine’s Day spent at home may sound boring to some, we assure you, it can be really fun, and even special.

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day solo, with your significant other, or with your entire family, we’re here to help you plan an unforgettable fun-filled and romantic day. It’s the thought that counts, right? Here are 12 stay-at-home Valentine’s Day date ideas you can enjoy!

Breakfast in Bed

What better way to kick off Valentine’s Day than to start with breakfast in bed. Surprise your significant other with a tray full of heart-shaped treats. You could make heart-shaped pancakes or waffles using cookie cutters, order baked goods from a bakery, fill a bowl full of fresh fruit, or cook up their favorite foods.

Make the breakfast extra special by serving it with their favorite drinks — hot coffee and a mimosa perhaps? If you have kids at home, surprise them with breakfast in bed too. It’ll surely make them feel special!

Enjoy an Indoor Picnic

Picnics are not only fun but, can be romantic too. If you live in a cooler climate, consider enjoying a special Valentine’s Day picnic inside this year!

This could include setting up a blanket in your living room, filling a basket with delicious treats, and enjoying a bottle of wine together. Turn on the fireplace, light a few candles and get cozy.

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day with the whole family, then simply make this a family affair. Kids love getting involved so let them set up the picnic in the living room while you prepare the food.

Have a Movie Night

You don’t have to go to a movie theater to enjoy a romantic date. This year, stay at home and enjoy a movie night in!

There are plenty of ways to make your space romantic and the perfect setting for Valentine’s Day. Start by setting the ambiance such as lighting a few candles, and grabbing a few cozy blankets. Don’t forget the snacks! Make a bowl of popcorn, and grab some chocolates and wine and get cozy before you press play.

Do you have kids at home but still want some alone time on Valentine’s Day? Then consider setting up their own movie night in a separate room.

Stream a Virtual Concert

Do you and your significant other love music? While many concerts have been canceled this year, artists are starting to offer virtual concerts. This way you can still watch your favorite artists perform, listen to the music you love, all the while being in the comfort of your own home.

A virtual concert would be a fun and unique Valentine’s Date idea. To find out if your favorite artist is performing on Valentine’s Day simply search online. You can also check out this list of live streaming and virtual concerts for upcoming dates.

Workout Together

Working out isn’t only good for your health. When you exercise you release endorphins which are your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters. So this Valentine’s Day why don’t you spend some time working out with your significant other.

There are plenty of ways to workout too. You can go for a hike outdoors, try a new at-home workout, go for a bike ride, or any other ways you like to stay active.

Recreate Your First Date

There’s nothing more romantic than recreating your first date. Not only will this have the two of you reminiscing on the past years, but it can be fun to put together too.

If your first date took place at a restaurant then get creative and recreate the restaurant’s menus, try to recreate the dishes in your kitchen, and set the table! Further, if your first date took place at a coffee shop then you could make some artisanal coffees, and shares delicious baked goods, and you could even play music in the background. Think of those special moments from that first day and simply try to recreate them!

Create an At-Home Spa

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a spa day. So this year for Valentine’s day why don’t you bring the spa home and enjoy an at-home spa day with your significant other?

Ahead of the special holiday, make sure you stock up on candles, massage oil, bubble bath, and face masks. You may also want to invest in a foot spa to give your feet some relief. You can spend the evening pampering each other and enjoying each other’s company.

Play Games

Enjoy a little friendly competition and play some games on Valentine’s Day. You could play board games, trivia games, make a jigsaw puzzle — the options are endless!

Games are not only entertaining and fun to do but they’re great for stimulating your brain. In fact, many games may sharpen your thinking and decision making skills, improve processing speed, and help with short-term memory.

Cook Together

Another fun stay-at-home activity you can enjoy on Valentine’s Day is cooking a meal with your significant other or entire family. You’ll be spending quality time together all the while preparing a delicious meal.

You can use this time to cook your favorite meal, or you can even enjoy some friendly competition and have a cook-off. Consider preparing separate dishes and then fill out scorecards to determine who is the winner! Finally, another idea is you could even enjoy a virtual cooking class together!

Order Dinner In

Perhaps you or your spouse cook all the time and holidays are when you want a night off. If that’s the case then why not order takeout from your favorite restaurant.

Many restaurants are offering curbside pickup, or you can order takeout through a food delivery service. Some restaurants might even have Valentine’s Day specials available that you can be on the lookout for.

Enjoy Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate is a vital part of Valentine’s Day, right? So why not enjoy a chocolate fondue with your loved ones on the holiday.

First, if you don’t have one already, you’ll need a fondue pot. Next, you’ll need a variety of fruits, cookies, and any other treats you want to dip in chocolate. Finally, you’ll need loads of chocolate for melting. Keep in mind, if savory flavors are more your style, then ditch the chocolate and enjoy melted cheese in the fondue pot and dip with bread and assorted veggies.


When was the last time you danced with your significant other? If it’s been a while why don’t you surprise them with a date night of dancing!

You can dance freestyle, follow a step-by-step video online, or you can sign up for virtual dance classes. Don’t forget to set the mood and turn your living room into a romantic dance studio. Light some candles, move the furniture out of the way, and most importantly, have fun with it!

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Clarissa is the Junior Managing Editor of ActiveBeat. She aspires to live a healthy lifestyle by staying active and eating foods that nourish her body, but she isn't afraid to indulge in a little chocolate here and there! Clarissa loves cooking, being outdoors, and spending time with her dog. In her free time, you'll find her relaxing in her hammock or curled up on the couch reading a book.

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