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Top 15 Work From Home Jobs for Seniors in the UK

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By Andrew Silver

Working from home has a lot of perks, especially for seniors. It’s convenient and completely eliminates having to commute back and forth. Moreover, this type of work prevents you from having to stand on your feet all day and doing physical work that’s hard on your body. Luckily, it won’t be hard to find the right job since there are plenty of positions that can be done remotely. All you need is a computer, internet connection, and the right skillset to get started. Search online to see what openings there currently are.

Whether you want to interact with others all day or work independently, you have options when it comes to remote jobs. Discover the many types of jobs that can be done from home with an online search.

Here are 15 work from home jobs that are great for seniors.

1. Proofreader

Average Salary: £25,987

If you have a keen eye and interest in grammar, then proofreading is a great work from home job.

Proofreaders are responsible for looking over and editing documents before they are published. You’ll be editing copy to ensure there is proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar in all types of documents.

There are various types of writing that may need proofreading, such as books, documents, or articles. You have the option of working as a freelancer or under a publishing house. As long as you have literacy, attention to detail, and communication levels, there is no education needed to become a proofreader.

2. Bookkeeper

Average Salary: £26,764

Seniors with a knack in finance and organization can work as a bookkeeper. These professionals prepare business accounts and keep track of financial transactions. Unlike accountants, a bookkeeper doesn’t need any special training. You just need to be a good analyzer and have a basic understanding of finance.

Find out if there are small businesses in your area that are looking for virtual bookkeepers. Your day-to-day tasks will consist of creating financial statements, monitoring transactions, processing payroll, and other important duties.

3. Online Sales Consultant

Average Salary: £28,862

Rather than standing on your feet all day at retail stores, take your salesperson skills online. There are tons of businesses that hire virtual sales consultants.

These employees sell products and services online or over the phone, typically operating during normal business hours. From beauty products to insurance to clothing and beyond, you can get a job selling just about anything.

Online sales consultants may also have to address customer issues, maintain records, and go through some type of training process. The good news is workers often earn commission on sales, which gives you an opportunity to earn more money.

4. Transcriber

Average Salary: £30,674

Convert audio recordings into text documents by working as a transcriber. This job is critical for many fields, including medical, business, journalism, and law. It’s also something that can easily be done at home.

While there is no designated training for transcribers, you must be able to type quickly. You also need to have good hearing skills and the ability to focus. This skillset will help ensure you are accurately transcribing what’s being said.

5. Virtual Assistant

Average Salary: £24,680

Unlike traditional assistants that work in-person, a virtual assistant helps with administrative duties remotely. So, instead of picking up coffees and organizing the office, you will be responsible for things that can be done over the computer.

Your day may consist of tasks like liaising with clients, scheduling appointments, or making travel arrangements. Seniors with a background in administrative or office manager positions might thrive in this position.

6. Virtual Customer Service Representative

Average Salary: £21,499

Put your people-person skills to good use while working as a virtual customer service representative. Many companies require service agents to handle customer inquiries. You will be representing the company and do whatever you can to understand and meet customer needs.

Since you won’t be handling customers face-to-face, it’s important to have strong communication and comprehension skills. You will also need to become familiar with the company’s policies in order to properly handle customer questions, complaints, and other necessary tasks.

7. Virtual Teacher

Average Salary: £31,548

Swap the classroom for your living room while working as a virtual teacher. There are online institutions looking for educators to teach online classes for public schools, community colleges, online colleges, and others. You will be responsible for creating lesson plans, marking assignments, and helping students understand the curriculum.

Seniors with experience in education can find part- or full-time teaching opportunities. Since virtual teaching is all done online, you will need to be comfortable using technology for a variety of tasks.

For seniors without official teaching qualifications, consider being a tutor. You can help students in subjects that you’re familiar with such as English or mathematics on an hourly basis.

8. Career Coach

Average Salary: £26,512

Pass on your high level of skills and expertise onto the next generation by working as a career coach. As a senior, you’ve already gone through the wringer and established yourself as a working professional. Now, you can mentor others and help them succeed by talking to them over the computer.

Career coaching is a social profession that involves consulting with clients, participating in seminars, and handling administrative duties. Depending on your work history, you can establish yourself in a niche field . There are a lot of things a client may hire you for such as helping them transition to a new field, establish career goals, or improve overall productivity.

9. Translator

Average Salary: £27,335

If you’re able to speak two or more languages, then start earning good money as a translator. This job involves converting information from one language to another. Not only do you need to translate words, but you must also translate the integrity of the message by maintaining the style and tone.

Translators are needed across all types of industries, such as government, education, or business. Unlike interpreters which focus on verbal messages, translators specialize in written text. This makes it a doable job to work from home.

10. Travel Agent

Average Salary: £19,040

Put your wanderlust to good use by helping clients book their dream holiday. Travel agents are needed to help people plan and book their trips within their desired budget. Based on your research skills and past travel experience, seniors can provide their clients with helpful suggestions or recommendations on travel destinations.

Aside from being good at customer service, seniors will need to be comfortable using various software to book everything from flights to hotels to attractions. You will also need to be efficient at filling out paperwork and handling customer queries.

11. Claims Investigator

Average Salary: £29,336

Another field of work that allows you to work from home is insurance. Specifically, a job focusing on claim investigations. These professionals are tasked with examining claims and determining whether or not the claim is valid. It’s their job to authenticate claims and settle them quickly.

Claims investigators perform other duties such as coordinating services for policy and preparing reports. To qualify for this job, seniors should be comfortable juggling multiple cases at once and have excellent decision-making skills.

12. Data Entry Clerk

Average Salary: £24,633

Seniors with great analytical, organization, and communication skills might enjoy working as a data entry clerk. A typical work day consists of collecting or updating data from departments and entering it into a software system. You will ensure accurate data is being inputted to the system, as well as present certain data whenever a request is made.

While this job requires little to no experience, those with prior administrative or accounting experience are often preferred. You should be comfortable working with numbers and must be able to learn certain computer programs for the job.

13. Instructional Designer

Average Salary: £36,591

If you have a background in education and are interested in the future of learning, then consider working as an instructional designer. This job involves designing courses, structuring curriculums, and planning the overall learning experience for students.

Instructional designers look at the needs of a specific audience or topic. They must decide how someone can be effectively engaged and informed with the topic to reach desired learning outcomes.

Seniors with expertise in a certain subject or passion for learning can apply their knowledge by working as an instructional designer.

14. Virtual Legal Assistant

Average Salary: £20,683

Virtual legal assistants are hired by law firms to complete administrative tasks and improve customer service with clients. A typical work day can include things like scheduling appointments, legal research, handling client communication, and managing contracts.

Since the position is remote, you can expect to be given clear instructions daily by your boss to help them get things done. Seniors with a background in law or administration can search for assistant positions at law firms seeking remote workers.

15. HR Coordinator

Average Salary: £36,541

As an HR coordinator, your job is to support a company’s human resource team. Working from home allows you to perform administrative duties, record information about employees, and support recruitment.

If you have a bachelor’s degree or relevant experience, you may be tasked with more responsibilities such as organizing employee benefits or coordinating professional development. Seniors with excellent communication and organization skills should consider applying to remote HR coordinator positions.

Apply to Remote Jobs Online

Working from home is convenient and helpful for seniors. It allows you to make money without having to commute or work on your feet for long periods of time. Plus, you may be able to make your own hours or work as a freelancer.

Whether you want to jump back into your previous work field or try something new, there are tons of options when it comes to remote work. Start a search online to find out which businesses are hiring and submit your resume. Just make sure the job posting says the position is remote before submitting an application.

Andrew Silver




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