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Mobility Aid Options for Seniors

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By Clarissa Vanner

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that mobility disabilities are the most common type of disability in the United States, affecting one in seven adults. As we age, disabilities become even more common making it a big concern for seniors. If you currently have a mobility disability or are afraid of falling don’t worry, there are plenty of great mobility aids that will help you get around more easily and safely.

Mobility aids range from wheelchairs and walkers to canes, safety rails, and beyond. Follow along as we explore mobility aid options for seniors that will help you gain more confidence and independence.

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Carex Chair Lift

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If you have a hard time getting up from your favorite chair or sofa don’t fret, there are products that can help you! The Carex Chair Lift helps you stand up effortlessly with a fully electric sit to stand lift.

Simply plug it in, and sit on the seat. When you’re ready to get up, press the button to help bring you to a standing position.

The seat features a comfortable, waterproof foam cushion that is easy to clean. It can also provide support for up to 300-pounds. Finally, since the seat is compact and lightweight you can bring it with you everywhere you go.

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Able Life Tray Table

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The Able Life Tray Table features an ergonomic safety handle that provides support when sitting and standing in a chair or couch. The sturdy handle can support up to 250 lbs. It’s also easy to assemble — simply install the unit under the feet of your couch or chair.

Furthermore, the unit also features a spacious bamboo tray table that can be used for meals, books, laptops, and more. It also comes with a built-in cup holder and utensil compartment. Better yet the table easily pivots out of the way when it’s not in use. Finally, both the table and the support handle can be adjusted for your height.

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Upright Walker

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You can walk more confidently with the help of this Upright Walker. It features padded armrests that help keep your forearms at a natural level. This will help relieve stress on your shoulders and back.

The front wheels swivel 360-degrees to ensure easy maneuvering. You can use the walker both indoor and outdoor. You may also enjoy that it features ergonomic dual hand brakes to help you safely slow down.

Furthermore, the Upright Walker features a detachable storage bag perfect for carrying personal items or small groceries. It also has a comfortable seat with a backrest for when you’d like to take a seat to rest.

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Able Life Space Saver Walker

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If you don’t need all the support the previous walker provides then this Able Life Space Saver Walker may be perfect for you. It’s small and compact yet provides you with just enough support to walk around comfortably.

The unit is compact and collapses easily which means you can take it with you everywhere. The walker is also lightweight, weighing only 8-pounds. Finally, you’ll also enjoy that the padded handles can be adjusted from 32 to 38-inches (from the floor) which ensures the walker can be adjusted for your height.

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Foldable Walking Cane

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Perhaps you’re not ready for a walker or you don’t need one quite yet. If that’s the case, a walking cane may be a better option for you. This foldable walking cane features a built-in flashlight and a 360-degree pivoting base that helps you walk, pivot, and lean effortlessly.

You’ll also enjoy that it’s lightweight yet it can support up to 250-pounds. It can also be adjusted to 5 different heights ranging from 33.4-inches to 38.1-inches. The cane can fold into four pieces which makes it’s easy to store and carry when it’s not in use.

Finally, this cane also comes with a bonus gift for free — a cane for the car! You simply open your car door and lock the handle into the door latch. Then you’ll be able to get out of the car with ease.

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Nova Lightweight Chair

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Thanks to its lightweight design, the Nova Lightweight chair is far easier to transport than a traditional wheelchair. Not only is it easy to fold but it’s easy to maneuver when in use too.

Furthermore, the chair also comes with locking hand brakes, secondary wheel locks as well as removable anti-trippers for safety. Finally, the 12-inch all-terrain rear wheels are perfect for bumpy paths, inclines, and more.

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RMS Grabbers

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As we get older picking things up off the floor or reaching for items on a high shelf can become more difficult. Don’t strain your back any longer because now you can reach for items with ease with this pack of two grabbers!

This package deal gets you two grabbers, one at 32-inches and one at 19-inches. Each features a rotating jaw that makes picking up items easy.

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Toilet Seat and Safety Frame

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Sitting down to use the toilet can become increasingly difficult as we get older. Thankfully there are products that can help! This Toilet Seat and Safety Frame is designed to elevate your toilet seat. As a bonus, it features a sturdy frame that helps you sit and stand with confidence.

This unit is lightweight, and portable which means it can be easily moved between bathrooms and moved out of the way when it’s not in use. Its compact size will help it fit into narrow bathrooms and over a variety of toilet bowl shapes.

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Able Life Standing Mobility Aid

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This is another great mobility aid that can help you get out of your favorite chair or couch. This is really important if you want to prevent falls. It’s easy to install too! You simply secure the unit around or underneath the seat cushions.

The handles are cushioned and sturdy and provide ample support when standing or sitting. You can adjust the height and width of the unit and it can also support up to 300-pounds.

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Bed Safety Rail

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Adequate sleep is vital if you want to feel your best, however as we get older getting out of bed can become more difficult. Thankfully bed safety rails can help!

This Bed Safety Rail features an ergonomic handle, a rail width of 17-inches, and can support up to 400-pounds. It also features a convenient pouch where you can store the tv remote, a book, or a mobile device. Better yet, it easily folds in half which makes it a great mobility aid to take with you when traveling.

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