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Fun and Healthy Mother’s Day Ideas For The Family

By Jeff Hayward

Most everyone likes to celebrate everything their mom does for them on Mother’s Day (which is May 10 this year, in case you’ve forgotten) – so why not include the whole family in the festivities Sure, you could send mom off to a spa for some relaxation, but you could also round up the kids for some quality time together – after all, a lot of what moms do, is for the love of family! So spending more time together is never a bad thing.

Here are seven ideas for family-friendly Mother’s Day activities…

1. Make a Healthy Brunch Together

So maybe mom is still slumbering away on her special day, and that’s okay – you and the kids can take over this task. has a number of Mother’s Day brunch recipes that mom will surely appreciate, whether she helps prepare it or enjoys it in bed.

Some of the suggestions include cranberry citrus muffins, whole-wheat blueberry pancakes, melon salad, or a spinach and pear salad. There are also a few more “sinful” choices on the list, but you could save those as a dessert for later in the day.

2. Take a ‘Trip’ suggests rounding up some croissants and fruits (add more to the menu as you wish) and pretending you’re taking a family trip to Paris (or any city your heart desires).

You could put a checkered tablecloth for the dining room table to create that Parisian mood, or better yet, find a nice, peaceful spot outdoors where your kids can play while you enjoy the fruits of your labors. The source even suggests taking it a step further by teaching your kids a few basic French words and put on some music reminiscent of that country for added authenticity.

3. Plan a Scavenger Hunt says you can make Mother’s Day a bit more interesting by leading your mom around her favorite sites with a fun scavenger hunt. Each destination – “a coffee shop, a café for lunch, the spot in the park where she takes a morning run, or even under her pillow at home” – offers a note of appreciation from various family members.

Mom gets to enjoy all of her favorite places in the company of her family, and the kids get involved by writing notes about why they love and appreciate their mom. It’ll be something she can keep and look back on when the kids are older.

4. Make Art Together

What better way to express your feelings for mom than through art? suggests have a family art party where each family member’s outline is traced onto wide paper (like butcher’s paper), and then everyone gets a chance to decorate them.

“Be creative: give yourself glittery hair, cut up old clothes and use the fabric to dress your portrait, cut images from magazines that represent things you like or admire or want to embody,” suggests the source. Or, you could have each member of the family choose someone to decorate, so you have their version of how they see you.

5. Go Bowling

There are few sports more fun and lower impact than bowling, and it’s a perfect way for your family to share some laughs while enjoying some healthy competition.

Break yourself into two teams or play individually, but remember it’s all for fun, so cheer mom on (even if she’s beating everyone with her score). Switch up the teams, try some trick shots, it doesn’t matter – mom will surely enjoy the experience. As a bonus, bowling can actually burn more than 100-calories in just half an hour.

6. Have a Lip-Synch Competition

Listening to music together as a family is great, but what if you take it to the next level on Mother’s Day – with a lip-synch competition! Have each family member pick his or her song of choice, and then perform it as the original singer would without making a sound.

This can also work for toddlers (mimicking their favorite children’s entertainers), notes You can cheer each other on and rate the performances based on how much each family member nailed the impression of the singer. Mom will end up winning no matter what the score is.

7. Plant a Garden Together

You may give your mom (or wife) flowers on Mother’s Day, but you can also get the kids involved and plant some flowers in the yard that will grow for years to come. Being outside and planting flowers is a great way to get fresh air while kids learn about gardening.

Better Homes & Gardens has some tips about creating a “winning garden” that incorporates elements for all ages (such as adding a sandbox for kids). Whatever you choose to put in your family garden, mom can remember her special day whenever she looks outside and sees the flowers in bloom.

Jeff Hayward


Jeff has more than 15 years of experience writing professionally about health, travel and the arts among other subjects. He continuously looks to improve his own overall health through exercise, diet and mindfulness. He is also a proud stay-at-home dad that loves taking photographs both professionally and as a hobby.

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