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Health Tips For Traveling This Christmas Season

By Catherine Roberts

Planes, trains, automobiles, buses, or sleighs led by tiny reindeer!

Many of us will be using different modes of transportation to get home to our loved ones this Christmas. But regardless of what method of transport you choose, there is always the risk of returning home with an airborne flu or illness due to travel fatigue.

Ensure your holiday travels are healthy and enjoyable by packing these ten health tips along for the journey…

1. Dress in Comfy Layers

Be prepared for any temperature on your flight or train ride by dressing in comfortable, breathable layers. Passenger planes can rollercoaster between hot and stifling to cold in a matter of hours. So if you’re taking a long flight control the temperature by adding and removing layers as needed.

2. Give Your Immune System a Boost

Large groups shut into a plane, bus, or train car during a long trip makes the perfect breeding ground for airborne germs.  Lower your chances of contracting a circulating cold or flu virus by loading up on Echinacea and vitamin C the week prior to your journey.

3. Ease Inner Ear Pressure

Ear pain during plane takeoff and landing can turn the toughest adult into a crying baby. So how do you think your little one feels? Soothe the pressure in the inner ear by popping a piece of gum and avoid bottle or breastfeeding close to departure and landing times.

4. Prevent Sinus Congestion

It’s common for nasal passages and ears to become congested during plane travel due to the pressure of take off and landing. However, you can prevent sinus pain and pressure by taking a decongestant the day of your flight to shrink sinus membranes and prevent inflammation.

5. Stow Away Healthy Snacks

You can settle for the terrible food on the flight or you can pack a fresh bottle of water and a few healthy snacks in your carry-on bag. This will prevent you from partaking in fatty, calorie-, and sodium-rich snacks during the trip and tied you over should you experience a travel delay.

6. Avoid Swollen Tootsies

It’s nice to relax during a flight, but did you know that removing your shoes actually causes your feet to swell due to plummeting air pressure? Trust me; your feet will be more comfortable, and less inflamed, if you leave those shoes on. Just be sure to wear a comfortable pair on the trip.

7. Drink Tea

If you’re a nervous traveler, slamming coffee or soda is a bad idea. Instead, pack a few bags of your favorite herbal tea. Honey lemon, chamomile, mint, or lavender will keep you hydrated and ease travel jitters during a long flight or train ride. Just ask your attendant for a cup of hot water and a lemon slice.

8. Decline Alcoholic Beverages

Many folks will ease their nerves with a stiff drink after take off. However, alcohol combined with a low pressure cabin will only dehydrate the body further, leaving you with a nasty headache upon arrival.

9. Prevent A Blood Clot

Deep-vein thrombosis, or blood clotting, can occur when you remain seated for long hours of travel. To prevent blood from pooling in your limbs, resist the urge to cross your legs. Instead, pop an ASA tablet prior to your flight and prop your feet up on your carry-on bag to encourage blood flow.

10. Lessen the Affects of Jet Lag

If you’re crossing multiple time zones this holiday, you may end up with jet lag for Christmas, which can interrupt sleep patterns, cause irritability, and leave you prone to illness. Instead, take a short nap upon landing to refresh, and make sure to get out in the sun and remain awake during local time the first day to minimize jet lag.

Catherine Roberts


Catherine is our go-to writer for women’s health news, diet trends and more. She’s dedicated to providing Activebeat readers with the information they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle every day.

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