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5 Foods to Help You Sleep Through the Night

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By ActiveBeat Author

Sleep is key to our overall health and wellness. A good night’s sleep provides energy, keeps your immune system strong, balances your blood pressure,  and keeps our skin glowing and fresh. Your diet can definitely effect how you sleep. For instance, foods like fish (i.e., salmon, tuna, and halibut) and fortified cereals are jam-packed with vitamin B6, which is essential for melatonin (a sleep-promoting hormone) production to help you sleep like a baby. A banana is the perfect nighttime snack because its high in B6 and sleep-promoting potassium. Studies show that low calcium can cause sleep disturbances, which is why yogurt can lead to better shut-eye. Magnesium deficiency is also linked to poor sleep, but a diet rich in whole grains (i.e., barley, oats, and buckwheat) offers a dream come true when it comes to quality sleep.

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