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6 Tips for Treating and Preventing Halitosis
By Rachel Despres Your Health

6 Tips for Treating and Preventing Halitosis

Approximately 30 percent of people worldwide are affected by halitosis—more commonly referred to as bad breath—an embarrassing condition that is characterized by “a foul-smelling odor that seems to come from the mouth cavity,” says There are a variety of different causes that can lead to halitosis, including diet, the use of tobacco products, as […]

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Natural Antibiotic, Bacterial-Fighting Foods
By ActiveBeat Author Diet and Nutrition News & Advice

Natural Antibiotic, Bacterial-Fighting Foods

The news wires have been abuzz with disturbing reports concerning a newly discovered gene, called MCR-1, which reportedly makes normal bacteria resistant to the most powerful antibiotics on the market. Up until now, colistin has only used as a last-ditch antibiotic when all other bacteria-eradicating drugs fail. However, reports from the Toronto Star and the British medical journal, The Lancet, MCR-1 detected in bacteria […]

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