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How to Get Rid of Fleas

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By Clarissa Vanner

By the time you find one flea, there is a chance your home is already infested and if not yet, it will be on the horizon. This is because these tiny pests breed incredibly quickly. Once the flea has found a host, it can lay up to 50 eggs a day in just 24-hours!

While the eggs are initially laid in the fur of your pet, they can fall onto your carpet, bedding, furniture, and beyond. Fleas also have a life cycle of 18 to 21 days making them a pesky pest to get rid of. This is why taking action immediately is of the utmost importance. You must treat your home and pet simultaneously to get the infestation under control and to prevent re-infestation. Now let’s explore how to get rid of fleas!

Call Your Vet

As soon as your dog is showing signs of fleas, you need to call your vet. If your pet is already on a flea control program and still got fleas then that’s a clear sign that it’s not working.

A quick call to your vet will let them know your situation and they will be able to help you make an action plan on how to treat your pet. Finally, if you have more than one pet in the house make sure you treat them all.

Wash All Linens ASAP

After you’ve notified your vet, it’s time to wash all the linens in your home! Not only should you wash your pet’s bedding but you should also wash all the bedding in your home,  your curtains, and couch cushions.

To ensure you get rid of the fleas make sure you use hot soapy water, preferably a strong detergent. Finally, washing everything once is not good enough. You’ll need to wash your linens at least once a week until the flea infestation is gone.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming your home regularly is essential if you want to keep it clean but when you have a flea infestation you’re going to need to vacuum even more often. It’s recommended that you vacuum every other day until the flea infestation is gone.

Vacuuming frequently will help lower the number of fleas and their eggs from all areas of your home. Further, if your vacuum has a disposable vacuum bag make sure you seal it tightly and throw it in the garbage immediately (preferably outside) so they don’t make their way back into the house.

Steam Clean

If you have a severe flea infestation you should consider steam cleaning your carpets. The hot steam will help rid your carpets of adult fleas, flea larvae, and some eggs.

Any fleas that hatch after should be able to be caught with your vacuum. Lastly, when steam cleaning makes sure you pay close attention to areas in your home where your pet usually plays, lies, and eats as these areas are likely to have the most fleas.

DIY Flea Trap

Creating a flea trap is a great way to rid your home of annoying pests. That said, it needs to be used as a part of your overall flea removal plan. To create a DIY (do it yourself) flea trap, start by filling a shallow dish with water and soap.

Next, place a night light, or lamp near the shallow bowl. The fleas will be drawn to the light and once they hop in the soapy water they won’t be able to get out. It’s also recommended that you use this remedy at night, just be sure to refresh the bowl daily for optimal results.

BioCare Indoor Flea Trap

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If you don’t want to make your own flea trap, you do have other options that will get the job done! The BioCare Indoor Flea Trap is a non-toxic, pesticide-free way to trap fleas. Once again, flea traps need to be used in unison with your overall flea removal plan.

This trap works by attracting the fleas to its light and heat from up to 25-feet away! Once the fleas travel to the trap they’ll get stuck on the sticky, capture pad. Once the pad is full you simply discard it and replace it with a new one.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

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Another non-toxic way to rid your home of pests is to use an ultrasonic repeller. This device uses ultrasonic frequency (22-50Khz) sound waves to deter pets. They’re easy to use too — simply plug it into a wall socket.

While they do provide wide coverage, it’s recommended that you add one unit in each room. Not only will this device work on fleas but it works on other pests too like bed bugs, mosquitos, cockroaches, mice, rats, spiders, ants, and more. Keep in mind this is safe for humans and pets but not small pets such as hamsters.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Use a Chemical Treatment

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Another effective way to rid your home of fleas is to use a chemical treatment such as Adams Flea and Tick Home Spray. This spray effectively kills flea eggs, larvae, and adult fleas as well as ticks, bed bugs, ants, spiders, cockroaches, and other insects.

When using the spray make sure you wear gloves and don’t use the room for a few hours. It’s also imperative that you don’t directly spray yourself or your pets!

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Use a Natural Treatment

If you prefer to go the natural route you can DIY a natural treatment instead. Simply mix 2-liters of water with 4-liters of vinegar, 500-ml of lemon juice, and 250-ml, of witch hazel.

Next, transfer the mixture to a spray bottle. However, before spraying the natural solution make sure you have already vacuumed your home thoroughly and washed the necessary linens. Once that is complete spray the solution over all areas in your home.

Get a Flea Repelling Plant

Another way you can prevent fleas is to add flea-repelling plants around your home especially near doorways. Some plants you should consider are lavender, spearmint, chrysanthemums, and pennyroyal.

Keep in mind, flea repelling plants won’t help a flea infestation but they will help prevent them from entering your home. It’s also worth noting that some plants are toxic to pets so if your pets like to chew on leaves then make sure you speak to your vet to find out which plants you should stay away from.

Use a Flea Comb

Using a flea comb is an efficient, non-toxic way to remove fleas from your pet. A flea comb will have finely spaced teeth and will be able to collect fleas, eggs, and the dirt (digested blood that the fleas leave behind).

First, make sure you use the comb outside or in the tub where you easily clean the area. Next, focus on the base of the tail and the neck area, and be sure to keep a cup of warm, soapy water nearby so you can dip the comb as you go. Not only is this an effective way to get rid of fleas that are on your pet but combing regularly will give you a good idea if your flea removal plan is working.

Bathe Your Dog

In addition to cleaning your home and washing your linens, you should also give your pet a flea bath. Medicated flea shampoo is not only an inexpensive method to protect your dog all year but it can also diminish the fleas and keep them from returning.

A good flea shampoo will get rid of adult fleas and should prevent flea eggs and larvae from maturing. Speak to your vet about flea shampoo and to find out how often they recommend you bathe your pet. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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