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Gifts to Keep Your Pets Happy and Healthy All Year Round

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By Clarissa Vanner

Let’s face it, spoiling your pet may be more fun for you than for them. But research shows toys can actually be essential for their well-being. Toys provide mental and physical stimulation and can help prevent behavior problems such as chewing your nice furniture.

Whether you’re shopping for a Christmas gift, birthday gift, or just because gift we’ve got you covered! We’ve carefully selected fun and exciting gifts that will help keep your pets happy and healthy all year round. Let’s dive in!

Furbo Camera and Treat Dispenser

Leaving your pet home alone can be stressful for them and for you. Luckily technology has come a long way so that you (and they) can still feel somewhat connected.

The Furbo camera allows you to keep an eye on your pet from the palm of your hand using their app. The convenient barking sensor alerts you when your dog starts barking and the 2-way audio feature allows you to talk to them and calm them down. Finally, perhaps the best part of all is the device can toss your pet a treat — fun for you and rewarding for your pet!

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Cat Window Perch

Cats love keeping an eye on the outdoors. From the chirping birds and scurrying squirrels, there are many interesting things to keep them entertained. Spoil your cat with its very own window perch!

The perch is supported by strong suction cups that effortlessly stick to our window, and the stainless steel rope makes it very sturdy. The hammock is made of durable outdoor fabric that’s easy to clean and even features a flannel pad to ensure your kitty is cozy and comfortable while they bathe in the sun.

Slow Treater

It’s always fun to give your dog treats, especially when rewarding good behavior. But if you want to make that treat last, you should get them a slow treater.

This nifty toy can suction to the wall or floor and will keep your pooch occupied and entertained. Fill it with peanut butter, spreadable canned food, or kibble. This is a great option for when you have to leave the home or during stressful situations such as nail trimming or bathing.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Happy Hour Toy Pack

What better way to celebrate with your pooch than to cheers with your favorite drinks! This happy hour toy pack features a bottle of merlot, rosé, and champagne — something for every occasion.

If your dog rips stuffing-filled toys to shreds in seconds, rest easy because these cocktails are filled with empty water bottles instead. The water bottle provides a satisfying crunchy texture and sounds that your pooch will love. Better yet, once the bottle has lost its crunch, you can replace it with a new empty water bottle.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Interactive Laser Toy

Are you running out of ways to keep your kitty entertained? Gift them an interactive laser toy! The exciting laser moves randomly across the floor and walls — keeping your cat on its toes.

Your furry friend’s natural hunting instincts will kick in as they jump around trying to catch the laser. Perhaps the best part of all, the toy features an automatic mode to keep your cat entertained. It will also automatically shut off after 15-minutes to keep the game exciting.

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Memory Foam Bed

Do you have a senior pet at home? Ease their achy joints and replace their old bed with a new and comfortable Barkbox orthopedic memory foam bed!

This bed features therapeutic cooling gel memory foam — a great option for pets who suffer from body aches, joint pain, hip dysplasia, and arthritis.  It also features a water-resistant cover that is machine washable so you can keep their bed fresh and clean. 

Photo Credit: Amazon

The Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Cats love to scratch, that is no secret! But it’s no fun when they start scratching your favorite furniture. This is why it’s essential to provide your cat with a scratcher. Enter the ultimate cat scratcher lounge!

This unique lounge features a modern design — great for fitting in with our decor! It also acts as a place for your cat to scratch their claws and take a nap. You may also enjoy that it’s made from recycled products.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Snuffle Mat

Does your dog scarf their food down at mealtime? Help them slow down by gifting them a snuffle mat! More than that, a snuffle mat puts your dog’s brain and sense of smell to work, ultimately mimicking the hunt for food in nature.

The mat is easy to fill and features lots of fun places to hide their food or treats. You’ll also enjoy that it’s machine washable and can easily roll up for storage or carrying.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Discreet Litter Box

The litter box may be the one not-so-nice item you have to have in your home for your kitty. But it is essential for their health. If you live in a small space and don’t have a discreet place to put it, consider this hidden litter box!

This is no ordinary litter box. It looks like a real clay pot and even features a faux plant on top which transforms it into a decor piece for your home. Even better, the litter box features a filtered vented system to help control dust and odor.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Starbucks Coffee Plush Toy

Is a trip to Starbucks part of your morning ritual? Your pup will never feel left out after you gift them their very own Starbucks coffee cup toy — “caffeine” your dog can actually handle!

This adorable plush toy also features a squeaker to ensure your dog stays entertained. It’s also available in three sizes, small, large, and extra-large or should we say tall, grande, and venti? Don’t forget to snap a pic of your pooch and their coffee and put it on social because these are the types of pictures we all need in our lives!

Photo Credit: Amazon

Cat Corner Self Groomer

Cats love to keep themselves clean, that’s no secret. Provide your kitty with this cat corner self groomer and they’ll surely thank you!

The brush is easy to install and can easily mount to wall corners, table legs, and cabinet corners. Once installed, your cat can groom, scratch, and play when they please. The soft bristles ensure your cat gets a gentle massage and grooming without any pain.

As a bonus, the brush collects loose hair. Remove the groomer from the wall, remove the hair and clean the brush with soap and water, then re-lock in place. Convenient for you and fun for your kitty!

Photo Credit: Amazon

Hide and Seek Toy

Keeping your dog entertained and mentally stimulated is essential for their health. One way you can do that is with this Hide-A-Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush Dog Toy.

This fun and interactive toy features six stuffed squirrels and a plush tree trunk. You simply toss the squirrels in the trunk and let your pup play a fun game of hide and seek. The squirrels also feature squeakers and can be used in a game of fetch too.

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