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Best Dog Subscription Boxes in 2023

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By Katherine George

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a package at the front door which is why subscription boxes are so popular. People get to treat themselves to a surprise gift each month that is perfectly curated to their interests. And who doesn’t like opening presents? For those of us who love spoiling our pets, we can now include our dogs in the fun!

Just like us, dogs are unique, not only in their size, shape and breed, but they also have their own interests and preferences. For this reason there are many different dog subscription boxes on the market. To find the right one, here’s a list of the 7 best dog subscription boxes in 2023…


BarkBox was one of the first on the market. It’s super popular and affordable ($27 to $35, depending on subscription) with themed deliveries like Scooby-Doo or Cinco de Mayo that are sure to excite both you and your dog! Each box contains two toys, two treats, and a chew that fits the monthly theme.

To ensure everything is perfectly curated, pet owners fill in their dogs weight, age, and allergies during sign up. This box is also totally customizable to ensure pups are getting exactly what they like. If for any reason customers are not satisfied with their BarkBox, they offer a 100-percent money-back guarantee.

Pooch Perks

Pooch Perks offers an affordable monthly subscription box starting at approximately $20. A great choice for anyone on a budget! You may choose between premium-made toys and treats, or opt for a treats-only box. Depending on the box selection, the package may contain five or six surprises. There’s even an option to personalize the toys based on preferences, plus the box is customized to each dogs breed and size.

There are plenty of plans to choose from: Popular Pooch (beginning around $34 per month for small dogs), Pampered Pooch (starting at about $50 per month), Toys Only (starting at $26 pet month), or Treats Only (approximately $20 per month).

Dapper Dog Box

The Dapper Dog Box includes two treats or chews, two toys, and a limited edition dog bandana that will make your puppy the envy of the neighborhood. What’s even more exciting is that they feature fun themes like Birthday Party, Fiesta, and Happy Howlidays. Each bandana is curated around this theme and made specifically for each dog’s weight and size.

Another bonus of this box is that the treats are high quality, made in the USA, and sourced from family farms and local bakeries. Plus, a portion of the sales goes towards helping rescue and shelter dogs. The Dapper Dog Box costs about $35 per month with the ability to skip a box or cancel at any time.


Does your dog chew through every toy that crosses their path? We recommend subscribing to the BullyMake box! This company offers specially designed toys made from tough materials such as nylon, rubber, rope, and ballistic material. These toys are meant to withstand the strong jaws of heavy chewers.

Each month BullyMake delivers a dog subscription box containing two or three durable toys and three bags of treats. Some highlights are that all the toys and treats are made in the USA, plus these boxes can be personalized to the owner and dogs preferences. Every box is valued at $50, but costs anywhere from $45 to $31 depending on the subscription plan.

Pet Treater Dog Box

The Pet Treater Dog Box is a great value offering cute toys and treats at a much lower price than pet stores. For only $15 per month, each box contains three or four items, from rope pulls, chew toys, and of course treats! You can customize the box to be either a treat-only or toy-only box ($18 per month), or a traditional combination of both.

They also offer a larger option, a deluxe alternative ($25 per month) which includes five to eight items per box. According to reviewers online, what makes this box so great is the excellent value for money and variety of items provided. For those who also own a cat, there’s a cat subscription box too.

Rescue Box

RescueBox is a subscription service that makes a difference with every purchase. For around $30 per month, this curated box contains a variety of toys, treats, and accessories for your furry friend. Plus, the company donates 142 bowls of food to shelter pets in need with each box, making owners feel good about spoiling their pooch.

The longer a person subscribes, the lower the monthly cost with the option to cancel at any time. While these boxes aren’t customizable, owners indicate their dogs weight at sign up so RescueBox ensures only appropriately sized toys are included. The best part about this box is its ability to help a shelter dog in need.


The PupBox was designed with puppies in mind and is highly customizable. It contains everything required to ensure your new furry companion settles in comfortably, including treats, toys, and accessories that correspond with each month’s developmental milestones. They also provide training guides to assist with teething and establishing healthy grooming and exercise routines.

Have an older dog? Pup Box can accommodate dogs from puppyhood to 11+ years. During the sign up process, you can specify information about your dog’s age, size, coat type, and food allergies to personalize each box to their specifications.

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Katherine is the Senior Managing Editor of ActiveBeat and Childhood. She is constantly striving to live a more active and healthy life, from eating healthy, exercising, and just spending more time outdoors. She enjoys cooking (with wine), walking her dog, reading, and recently joined a yoga studio!

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