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The Most Popular Baby Boy Names Of 2018 (And Their Meanings)

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By Kristin Whittaker

Choosing a name for your baby boy is a tough decision! This will be their name for life and parents can often stress about whether that name will suit them as a baby and an adult, among other things. So many factors can contribute to your decision, whether it’s wanting a name with a decent short form, a strong meaning, uniqueness or just wanting to stick with the classic, popular names. While there seems to be so many more choices for girls names, there is still a strong list of boys names ranging from timeless classics to new and trendy names that are unique and masculine, but still so loveable. Nameberry has released it’s top 100 boy names so far for 2018, a list that is based on the number of views each name has received. These views can be a great indicator of future trends and popularity, even if they aren’t based on number of babies named. Here are the top 15 from the list.

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15. Felix [fee-liks]

Felix is slowly growing in popularity, partly due to its favorable meaning, which is “happy, fortunate” or “lucky, successful”. It has a Latin origin but has been mostly popular in upscale London. If looking for a strong and friendly name Felix is a great choice for parents.

Celebrities who have chosen to name their baby Felix include Hugh Grant, Gillian Anderson and Elizabeth Banks. For literature lovers Felix appears as characters in many books including George Eliot’s novel Felix Holt, Henry James’s The European and the ever popular Twilight series which features Felix from the Volturi Guard. Don’t let Felix the cat deter you from the name as people have seemed to let that go.

14. Leo [lee-oh]

Meaning “lion”, Leo has often been used to give babies a strong name with a fighting meaning. With a latin origin, Leo is ranked in the top 100 boys names and continues to be a popular choice, especially in France (where it is pronounced lay-o). Want Leo to be a short form or nickname instead of the stand alone name? Try names like Leonardo, Leonard or Leopold that allow for the perfect short form of Leo.

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem called their son Leo and popular celebrity Leonardo DiCaprio has always been lovingly referred to as “Leo” as well. Classic book enthusiasts may think of the author Leo Tolstoy who’s famous works include War and Peace and Anna Karenina.

13. Oliver [aw-li-ver]

Another name with Latin origins, Oliver means “olive tree” and is ranked #9 on the popularity list from 2017. With its meaning symbolizing peace and fruitfulness it has become a popular choice for being stylish, but not nearly as trendy as the female version, Olivia. The adorable short form Olly can also be spelled Oli or Ollie, offering lots of variety.

Celebrities who have named their baby Oliver include Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin, as well as Goldie Hawn, whose son is actor Oliver Hudson.

12. Oscar [aws-ker] [ahs-ker]

Of English or Irish origin, Oscar holds the meaning “divine strength” or “spear of the gods”. Oscar, however, has become very popular within Latino families. In Irish legend Oscar was one of the mightiest warriors.

Actress Gillian Anderson and actor Hugh Jackman both chose the name Oscar for their sons. While people may think of Oscar the Grouch, that hasn’t seemed to slow down the popularity of this name! For the fashion loving parents there is Oscar de la Renta and then of course there is the popular Academy Award called the Oscar.

11. Finn [fin]

Finn is a name with lots of charm and has an Irish origin meaning “fair or white”. While often used on its own, Finn can also be used as a short form for the name Finley, Finnegan or Phinnaeus. Finn can also be spelled with a y (Fynn) or with one n (Fin).

Actor Owen Wilson gave his son this name, as well as actress Tori Spelling. Finn also gained a ton of popularity after character Finn Hudson from Glee. Any Mark Twain fans may love the name because of the well known character, Huckleberry Finn.

10. Declan [deck-lin]

A boy’s name with Irish origins meaning “man of prayer” or “full of goodness”, Declan has been on the rise and is turning out to be quite a hit for Americans, slowly rising since 1998. Still considered a unique name, it’s a great choice for anyone looking for an ethnic and charming name, especially for those with an Irish background.

Declan was the name of an Irish saint but has also been made popular by the character Declan Porter in the show Revenge. Famous singer Cyndi Lauper gave her son the name Declyn changing the spelling to give it a more unique feel. Other spelling twists for the name include Deklan, Decklen or even Dechlan.

9. Henry [hehn-ree]

Meaning “estate ruler”, Henry is of German origin and continues to hover around the top 100. This name is considered a solid, classic choice with lots of history. Henry has become well known as a royal name with the infamous Henry the Eighth and then the current Prince, 6th in line for the throne, Henry (who is more commonly known as Harry).

Many celebrities have used the name Henry for the sons including Rachel Weisz, Minnie Driver, Colin Farrell, Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts, just to name a few! Some famous Henrys (beyond the numerous members of royalty) include actors Henry Winkler and Henry Fonda, as well as novelist Henry James.

8. Wyatt [wiy-eht]

Ranked #25 in 2017, Wyatt has been popular for several years now. Meaning “brave in war” the name comes from an English origin and was initially more common as a surname. A respectable, yet cool name, it’s no wonder it’s become such a popular choice for new parents.

Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn were among the first celebrities to use the name. Singer Sheryl Crow is star one who has used the name. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher broke the mold a bit and used it as a name for their daughter, however, it has a long way to go before being considered a gender neutral name.

7. Theodore [thee-ə-dohr]

The name Theodore is of Greek origin, meaning “gift of God”. With the adorable short forms of Teddy or Theo, this name has a notable history. Most well known may be Theodore Roosevelt, and perhaps lesser known would be the beloved children’s author, Dr. Seuss, who’s real name was Theodor (a spelling alternative).

Actresses Bryce Dallas Howard and Ali Larter both named their sons Theodore. And classic book lovers will remember the neighbor ‘Laurie’ who’s first name was actually Theodore, or lovingly referred to as Teddy by Jo, in the novel turned movie Little Women.

6. Silas [siy-ləs]

With the meaning “wood, forest”, Silas is of English, Latin origin and is based on Sylvanus, the Roman god of trees. Silas also appears in the New Testament when he accompanied Paul on his second missionary journey. As with most names, the “i” can be changed to a “y” (Sylas) giving parents a more unique spelling.

Perhaps the most well-known Silas in the celebrity world is the son of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. Silas was also the name of the oldest son in the show Weeds.

5. Asher [ash-er]

Asher is a Hebrew name meaning “fortunate, blessed, happy one” and remains a favorite among parents looking for Biblical names. Asher has been in the US top 100 for many years now. Asher was one of Jacob’s twelve sons in the Bible and is an excellent and modern Old Testament choice.

Actress Embeth Davidtz and TV newsman Campbell Brown both named their boys Asher. Asher is also a character on the popular show How to Get Away with Murder.

4. Jack [jak]

The English name Jack is widely used in America and was number 1 in England for many years. A diminutive of John, Jack means “God is gracious” and stands as a durable name choice. Historically, the name John became Jankin, and then Jackin, which was then shortened to Jack. Want something longer? You can go with Jackson or Jackwell.

Perhaps the most loved Jack right now is the favorite tv dad Jack Pearson, from This is Us. Countless celebrities have also used the name Jack for their sons, including Jason Statham, Maya Rudolph, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, just to name a few!

3. Jasper [jas-per]

Jasper is a boy’s name with Persian origins and means “bringer of treasure”. It has moved up the charts significantly over the years and has become quite popular for young parents since its appearance in the Twilight series. It is still considered a charming and masculine name In England.

Don Johnson has a son named Jasper, as well as Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams. Soap Opera fans who watch General Hospital may associate the name with the well liked character, Jasper Jacks.

2. Milo [miy-lo]

A Latin and Old German name, Milo carries the meaning “soldier or merciful”. A common name that evolved out of Milo is Miles, and it has also been spelled Mylo. This name is getting a lot of well deserved appreciation lately as a strong and charming name.

Alyssa Milano, Mel Gibson and Liv Tyler are just a few actors who have loved this name and given it to their sons. The name is also widely associated with the actor Milo Ventimiglio, who starred in Heroes, Gilmore Girls and now plays beloved dad, Jack Pearson, on This is Us.

1. Atticus [at-i-kəs]

Of Greek and Latin origin, Atticus is a boy’s name meaning “from Attica”. Most notable for the well known character Atticus Finch in the classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird, the name Atticus has become a top choice over the past few years! Call him Atti for short or change things up with a different spelling like Attikus or Aticus.

Daniel Baldwin and Isabella Hoffman named their son Atticus back in 1996. Other celebrities who have fallen for the name since then include Jennifer Love Hewitt and Casey Affleck. Atticus is also a character on the popular British tv show Downton Abbey.

Kristin Whittaker