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The Best Walkers To Get Your Baby Up And Moving

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By Activebeat

Most babies attempt to take their first steps between 9 and 12 months, and are walking well by the time they are 14 or 15 months old. However, don’t fret if your child takes longer — it is perfectly normal if they take until they are 16 to 17 months. Whenever your active baby starts to crave forward motion, walkers and push toys are great to help aid the learning to walk process. It begins with your little one pulling up, then cruising, then attempting those first few wobbly steps. Walking toys can help encourage this movement while providing your child with support and a bit of entertainment too! Where some of my ‘top pick’ lists suggest products in no particular order — for this list I will count down my top picks from 20 to 1. There are so many walkers out there making it hard to choose, but I am certain you will find something perfect on this list that your little one will enjoy!

20. Fisher Price Learn With Me Zebra Walker

This fun walker is full of hands-on activities for sitting and walking babies. When your little one is ready to take their first steps, this toy’s easy-to-grasp handle and sturdy 4-wheel base will help keep them steady as they take those first wobbly steps.

You’re little one can learn their ABC’s and 123’s, through sing-along songs and phrases as they learn to walk. This walker offers tons of fun and encouraging phrases and music to reward little ones as they get going and become steadier on their feet. When they need to sit down for a break, there are lots of activities to keep their little fingers busy and help them practice their fine motor skills. Whether your little one is just sitting and reaching, standing, or walking — this toys activities will get their gross motor skills rolling! This toy is recommended for children ages 1 to 3 years.

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19. Fisher Price 2-in-1 Singing Band

Parents can encourage little one’s musical talents and walking with this Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Singing Band Walker. Children can activate sounds and sing-along songs with a simple push of or button or toggle switches on the walker. It is great for sit-down play use around 6 months of age, and when they are ready to stand up and get moving, they can use this walker to help them stroll along while being accompanied by music.

This musical walkers has 4 light up piano keys, a toggle for guitar or saxophone, 3 songs, and 2 tunes, a generous handle to support babies first steps, and motion activated musical responses as your little one walks. There are pages to turn, busy activities, lively music, dancing lights, fun sounds, and even rewarding phrases — so much to keep your little one entertained. It is recommended for ages 6 months and up.

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18. Fisher Price Musical Lion Walker

For children ages 1 to 3 years, this Musical Lion Walker by Fisher Price is perfect to steady your baby’s first steps as they explore the new world of walking! This toy features two modes of play: Sit & Play and Stand & Walk. The Sit & Play mode features 8 different hands-on activities to keep you little one busy and entertained. It has a light up nose, three musical piano keys, a peek-a-boo mirror, a cute animal flip page, bat-at rollerball lion ears, clacker-bead toes, a spinning dial and a slider butterfly.

In Stand & Walk mode, your little one will be encouraged to walk with rewarding lights, sounds and music as they move around! It has a sturdy 4-wheel base to help keep them steady as they work on building their confidence and walking independence.


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17. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Stride-To-Ride Learning Walker

You can bring learning to life with fun music, sounds, lights and phrases on this Stride-To-Ride Learning Walker by Fisher Price. It features fun activities to help your little one develop their motor skills — it has a shape sorter, steering wheel, beeping horn, radio buttons, headlight knob, clicking turn signals and a turning key. It also teaches ABC’s, numbers, shapes, opposites, as well as left and right.

When your little one is ready to get up and walk, the seat base opens up and creates a wide base to help your little one keep balanced as they work on those first steps. The yellow handle will help keep them steady and keep them confident as they travel across the room. It features 12 tunes, including 3 sing-along songs that will keep you little one moving and grooving to the beats! It is recommended for children ages 9 to 36 months.

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16. Melissa and Doug Chomp and Clack Alligator Wooden Push Toy

Handcrafted from select hardwood and made with non-toxic dyes and paints, this learn-to-walk toy is a bit different from your average plastic walking toys. It doesn’t offer all of the bells and whistles as some of the other walkers on the market, but it is a successful push toy that encourages walking and discovery, and motor skills development.

This cause and effect toy really helps with walking by encouraging little ones to keep on walking! The only way the little alligators on the front of the toy will do anything is if the child pushes the walker — which provides excellent motivation for them! It does feature some painted beads that spin and slide to promote hand-eye coordination, too. This toy has easy to grasp handles and non-skid wheels to help provide stability as your little one walks forward or backward. It is recommended for children ages 1 and up.

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15. Labebe Baby Push & Pull Learning Walker

Another wooden walker for this list is the Labebe Baby Push and Pull Learning Walker. It is beautifully crafted and safe with its clever topple-reduction design. This feature is especially important as children start to pull themselves up on the toy. It is not very heavy, but since the push walker is designed to act as a cart, you can add heavier objects(books )into the cart if your child is a bit stronger or heavier and needs a bit more resistance.

The wheels are wrapped in rubber rings to protect wooden floors and create some friction for better speed control. There are some square corners, so parents be sure to be there to support you little one as they are starting out and aren’t very steady on their feet yet. If they grow tired of walking, they can stop and practice building towers with the wooden blocks provided, and work on their motor skill and hand-eye coordination! This toy is recommended for children ages 1 to 3 year old.

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14. Disney Dusty Plane Activity Ride On

Children can hear Dusty from the Disney movie Planes as he play some of his favorite songs with this super cute ride on airplane! Press and slide for realistic lift-off and landing sounds and flashing lights. Children will have a blast steering the airplane wheel and engage in some great pretend flying adventures! The propeller on the front (made of foam) spin, and make such a fun little added touch to this toy — it is absolutely adorable to watch!

As your little one gets bigger, the airplanes wings can easily be pushed up to allow for more leg room when using as a ride-on toy. The handle doubles as a seat back, and makes a cute push toy for little ones just learning to walk. It is recommended for children ages 12 to 36 months.

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13. Little Tikes Scoot Around Animal Riding Toy – Hippo

It doesn’t get much cuter than this little 3-in-1 hippo toy by Little Tikes. It is perfect for foot-to-floor activity! Your little one can work on their fine motor skills by placing the three colorful shapes inside the hippos nose, or they can hold onto it’s handle to engage in some walking fun. Little ones can also hop on the hippo’s back for a fun ride around the living room. The seat pops up and can be used as storage for the blocks, and other little treasures your little one might have.

The hippo is low to the ground and wide to provide stability for your scooting child. The high back on the seat can be used as a handle bar to assist in their first baby steps. This toy help encourage kids to get active and also helps reinforce learning both gross and fine motor skills. It is recommended for children ages 12 to 36 months and will help them achieve their growing milestones and also encourage creative play!

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12. Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop ‘n Cook Walker

Alright, maybe it can get cuter. This fun shopping cart walker is a 4-in-1 toy that will grow with your little one and offer them endless hours of playtime fun! Babies can engage in 4 stages of play: the cook top is removable for sit and play; the cart legs lock in place so the cook top becomes a stationary activity table; when baby begins to toddle, the wide and sturdy legs are perfect for learning to walk – the popcorn pops as your little one pushes the cart along! As you baby grows, the cooktop can be removed to reveal a shopping cart they can load up just like mommy or daddy does at the grocery store!

This toy offers a lots of developmental activities including shape sorting, and fun cooktop activities like: sliding the purple switch to see the silly sandwich pop-up, press the light up button for sizzling cooking sounds, spin the sunny side up roller egg, or press the green button to see the popcorn pop! This toy is recommended for children ages 6 months and up — and will surely become a playtime favorite for continued use through their toddler years!

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11. Fisher Price Little People Music Parade Ride-On

The Little People Music Parade Ride-On by Fisher Price offers five different tunes for little ones to march along with or ride to. Children can also press the instruments (trumpet, saxophone, drums and tub) to hear their sounds. The colorful keyboard on the front is great for little ones to have a go at composing their own music, too.

This toy also makes engine starting and revving sounds which is really fun! There is a push bar handle for walking toddlers (or little ones learning to walk). The seat can lift up to access some storage where kids can stash their toys or take them along forthe ride. This toy is suggested for ages 1 year and up.


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10. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Learn With Puppy Walker

Baby’s will love going for a stroll with this cute puppy walker by Fisher Price. This colorful puppy walker is the perfect pal for your growing child, offering exciting hands-on, sit-and-play activities for little ones as young as 6 months of age. Their little hands can work on gross motor skills, while their tiny muscles will get a work out as they sit and reach to interact with the 7 hands-on activities this toy offers. Eventually they will be ready to pull up to stand and walk behind the walker using its easy to grasp handle.

When they are ready for walking, the puppy has tons of encouraging phrases and support as they take their first little steps. This toy teaches the alphabet, shapes, colors, counting and even some words in Spanish! It features light-up piano keys and nose, roller, spinner, flip page, and over 75 different songs, sounds and phrases. The learning content will change with your baby’s age with this toys Smart Stages technology. This toy is recommended for children ages 6 to 36 months.

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9. Playskool Rocktivity Walk ‘N Roll Rider

Delight your little one with rockin’ tunes from yesteryear with the Rocktivity Walk ‘N Roll Rider by Playschool. Parents may find it slightly refreshing how this toy is a bit unique in that it doesn’t play your average childhood songs and sounds — it plays older songs, that parents will recognize and might enjoy for a change!

This is another 2-in-1 toy that is both a walker and a ride on toy for little ones. It features a horn button and a knob that makes fun engine-revving sounds when its turned. The music keeps playing as the child pushes the toy, making kids eager to keep on moving! This rider toy will enhance your little one’s coordination and motor skills in a fun and entertaining way, and is recommended for ages 9 months and older.

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8. Fisher Price Stride-to-Ride Lion

Fisher Price’s interactive lion will take your little one from sitting to walking around, with over 80 songs, sounds, tunes and phrases that encourage them every step along the way! This cute toy offers 3 different ways to play and grow with your little one, and in each stage it will take them through important development milestones. Firstly, children can Sit & Play — with tons of hands-on activities to keep them entertained and working on developing their motor skills. The lion has a light-up button nose, a mane with 10 light up buttons that teach numbers and colors, a butterfly flapper, a spinner, and balls that your little one can “feed” him and then come spilling out below.

Secondly, children can Push & Walk! When they are ready to get up and go, they can lift the seat for a steady handle for taking their first steps. Fun phrases and songs will encourage them with every step they take. Lastly, children can Scoot & Ride! Little ones can hop on the lowered seat and go for a little ride. While they scoot along, they will hear more fun and encouraging phrases and songs to keep them moving and active! This toy is recommended for children ages 9 to 36 months.

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7. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy

This is another cute toy made by Fisher Price for sitting, walking or riding fun! This soft-eared puppy is full of fun activities for little ones ages 9 to 36 months. Its wide wheel base provides sturdy support as your little one learns to walk and develop their gross motor skills. The easy-grasp handle helps them practice their walking and coordination as they learn to find their balance and become more confident walkers!

This toy plays music and sounds as the toy moves along, which helps babies understand cause and effect, and will motivate them to keep moving. This toy also teaches children letters A-Z, numbers, colors, shapes, greetings, manners, opposites, parts of the body and more! It comes with sorting blocks that they can use to develop their hand-eye coordination too. This is a great educational walker and ride-on toy that is sure to keep your little one smiling and well entertained for years!

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6. Ybike Pewi

The Pewi is a 2-in-1 ride on walking bike. When your little one is as young as 9 months, the Pewi makes a great walking buddy. The wheels do not lock in place, so there might be a bit of a learning curve — they might need a hand from mom or dad. They may like to start by pushing and discovering the toys movement by playing on their hands and knees. The toy has multi directional movement that will help your little one learn how to walk whether they are going forward, backwards or even sideways, which is a very unique feature of a learning walker.

Once they are confident walkers and are ready for some more fun, this toy makes for a super fun ride on toy. This toy has nice rubber wheels on the bottoms, so parents don’t need to worry about it scratching their wood floors as their child zips around wildly. It is recommended for children ages 9 to 36 months, and it will be a great tool to help your wobbly walker find their balance…with a little practice!

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5. VTech 3-in-1 Learning Zebra

Recommended for children ages 1 to 3, this VTech toy will grow with your child as it converts from a baby push walker, to a sit and ride push bicycle, to a ride-on push scooter. This toy has many educational features that will help teach your little ones colors, animals, and a little bit about destinations.

It includes a walkie-talkie, flashlight and compass, that can be attached to the toy for more fun phrases, songs, and sound effects — over 90 in total. The front of the toy has a little basket attached for these items to be stored while your little one is on the move. This toy offers lots of auditory stimulation and is recommended for little ones ages 6 months and up. Your little one is guaranteed to get years of active play fun out of it!

Buy on Amazon: VTech 3-In1 Learning Zebra

4. Brilliant Beginnings Grow With Me Walker

The Grow With Me Walker by Brilliant Beginnings will provide your little one with a means of active playing and encourage their development in various ways. They can hold on to the easy-grasp handle and push it along as they learn about balance and practice walking upright, or they can sit and play on the activity panel on the front of the walker.

The activity panel features lots of engaging activities like: a musical keyboard, toy cell phone, spinning balls, a flip book, a reflective mirror, a button that plays animal sounds, turning gears for colorful stimulation and tactile and aural interaction. The 5-note musical keyboard with flashing lights and the toy cell phone can both be detached from the walker and enjoyed for seperate play use. This toy is recommended for children ages 6 to 30 months.

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3. Little Tikes Light ‘n Go 3-in-1 Activity Table and Walker

Sit, stand or walk with this cute little activity centre and walker all in one! The sit and play activity centre folds flat for floor play, and is also ideal for easy storage. The panel slides up to become an activity panel for your little one to stand and cruise around, becoming more comfortable and mobile on their little feet. Lastly, when your little one is ready to take some steps of their own, the walker projects lights on the floor in front of them to encourage to take their first steps.

Whether in sit, stand or walking mode – this toy features over 70 activities, songs and sounds. It has a monkey slider, a peek-a-boo lion, spinning toucan ball that makes animal sounds and noises, colored beads, an animal flip book, a jungle spinning drum, and so much more! This is a wonderful interactive toy, that will grow with your baby from ages 9 to 36 months!

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2. Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

Help your child learn to walk with the Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon. The “resist push” feature allows beginner walkers to safely build self confidence and balance as they learn to walk. Its stable design and solid wood body keeps little ones upright and steady. The removable sides and classic design make this a versatile toy–you can even use it as to store some of their favorite books or as a toy box. I am sure your little one will have a blast pushing all of their favorite stuffed animals around!

The furniture-friendly bumper is great as it protects your home as your little one learns to walk — which I am sure parents truly appreciate. This solid wood walker wagon is recommended for children ages 18 months to 4 years, and would be a great gift for any little one to enjoy for many of their young toddler years!

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1. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

With a barnyard full of playful friends to cheer them on, your little one will have so much fun as they learn to walk with this learning walker by VTech. Start your little one off by enjoying some floor play with it’s easy-to-remove activity panel. It features spinning gears, piano keys, light up shape sorters and a telephone handset to stimulate your baby’s learning and develop their motor skills.

When they are ready for some stand up fun, attach the activity panel to the front for some fun on-the-go. A neat feature of this walker is that it has two speed settings on the back wheels to adjust how quickly the walker can roll. Set to speed #1 as they are just starting out, and move to speed #2 as they are more quick and confident on their feet. This toy is recommended for children ages 9 months to 3 years.

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