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The Best Electric Toothbrushes and Water Flossers for Your Teeth and Gums

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A recent review of 56 dental health studies found that electric-toothbrush users have considerably less gum disease and plaque in comparison to people who brush manually.

Interdental flossing is equally as important to oral health as thorough brushing. It helps to remove bacteria and particles caught in hard-to-reach areas. Water flossers are a great solution for anybody who struggles to maintain a regular flossing routine because they are easier to use than string floss and can get the job done faster. These flossers are also ideal for people with braces, crowns, implants, and bridgework, as a water jet can clean around this type of dental equipment far more effectively than string.

Switching to an electric toothbrush and water flosser can dramatically improve your oral hygiene routine. But, with so many products on the market, how do you know which to choose? To help you make an informed decision, here are the best electric toothbrushes and water flossers.

Best Electric Toothbrushes

Sonicare Flexcare Platinum by Philips

Price: $149.99

The Sonicare Flexcare Platinum is one of Philips’ most advanced electric toothbrush to date. This toothbrush comes with three pre-programmed brushing modes and space for three more custom modes, which allow users to design their ideal brushing routine.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this electric toothbrush is that it comes with a built-in antibacterial sanitizer, which eliminates 99 percent of all germs. The Sonicare Flexcare Platinum comes with an app that can be used to track brushing habits and monitor oral hygiene from your smartphone.

Source: Amazon

ISSA 3 by Foreo

Price: $135

Swedish company Foreo have created the world’s first ever silicone-bristled toothbrush in the ISSA 3. Unlike conventional bristles, silicone bristles are easy to clean and do not accumulate bacteria. This means that the brush head of the ISSA 3 only needs to be replaced every 12 months, making it an economically sound option.

This electric toothbrush is the perfect choice for anyone who suffers with sensitive teeth, as silicone is remarkably gentle on the gums and the surface of the tooth. The ISSA 3 comes with a two-minute timer and an extremely powerful battery. According to Foreo, one full charge can last for as many as 365 uses.

Source: Amazon

Pro 1000 by Oral-B

Price: $39

If you’re looking for a budget option, the Oral-B Pro 1000 might be the perfect solution. Despite being at the cheaper end of the market, this toothbrush is incredibly effective. In fact, Oral-B proudly claim that the Professional Care 2500 removed three times as much plaque as a manual toothbrush.

As you might expect based on the price, this electric toothbrush comes with only the most basic features. While it has a two-minute timer, pressure sensor, and a low-battery light, it does not come with an app or customizable settings.

Source: Amazon

Sonic Fusion Flossing Toothbrush by Waterpik

Price: $199

Anyone in the market for both a toothbrush and a water flosser may want to consider a two-in-one option like the Sonic Fusion Flossing Toothbrush. This device has three pre-programmed modes: floss, brush, and floss and brush. With these modes, users can choose between a leisurely tooth cleaning experience or an all-in-one clean when time is in short supply.

Source: Amazon

Best Water Flossers

Sonicare Airfloss Ultra by Philips

Price: $90

This device comes with three different pre-programmed pressure settings. Users can also customize their flossing experience by setting the Sonicare Airfloss Ultra to release one, two, or three bursts of water at once. This water flosser is cordless and has a small charging base, so it won’t take up too much space on your bathroom shelf.

The battery life on this device is quite good compared to other water flossers. When used on the single-jet setting, the Airfloss Ultra can last up to three weeks on a single charge.

Source: Amazon

Aquarius Water Flosser by Waterpik

Price: $70

Waterpik’s Aquarius Water Flosser is arguably the best flosser on the market. The device has accrued some 24,000 reviews on Amazon while maintaining an average rating of 4.5 stars. Waterpik water flossers have also been honored with the American Dental Association’s (ADA) Seal of Acceptance.

The Aquarius Water Flosser has a large tank which can hold up to 22 ounces of mouthwash or water, allowing users around 90 seconds of uninterrupted flossing. This versatile device comes with several different heads suited for different cleaning tasks, including one for braces and one for plaque removal. Like most Waterpik devices, the Aquarius flosser comes in a variety of colors, including purple, pink, and green.

Source: Amazon

Portable Water Flosser by Panasonic

Price: $40

Although Panasonic’s water flosser does not have the ADA’s approval, it is a great product, nonetheless. This water flosser is fantastic choice for frequent travellers due to its collapsible, compact design. Since the device is battery operated, it is not quite as powerful as other flossers within this price range, though it does have two different pressure settings.

The Panasonic flosser’s water tank is somewhat smaller than other devices with a capacity for about 5.5 ounces. This equates to around 40 seconds of flossing time. It would be fair to say this water flosser’s biggest selling point is the fact that it is cordless and therefore extremely portable.

Source: Amazon

How to Choose a Toothbrush or Water Flosser

Asking for recommendations from friends or family members is a smart place to start when choosing a new electric toothbrush or water flosser. Be sure to compare the product specifications of your short-listed devices before making a final decision to make sure you get all your desired features. You may also wish to ask your dentist for a recommendation as they will be able to advise you on which devices are superior from a dental hygiene perspective.

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