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5 Best Snap-On Veneers

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By Clarissa Vanner

Most people want a confident smile but not everyone is blessed with a perfect set of teeth. Permanent veneers are a great option if you want to alter the shape and color of your teeth but they are a hefty investment. This is where snap-on veneers (also called clip-on veneers) come in. While they aren’t a permanent solution, they can be a great option if you’re not ready to commit to permanent veneers. Better yet, they cost a fraction of the price.

Snap-on veneers are exactly what they sound like, a cosmetic device that snaps onto your natural teeth. Good quality snap-on veneers are custom-fitted to your mouth, ensuring a comfortable and natural-looking fit. Not only are they cost-effective and convenient, but they don’t require any drilling or bonding, and can be easily removed. They also don’t require any dentist visits and can instantly give you a straighter, brighter smile. If you’re ready to enhance your smile, here are 5 of the best snap-on veneers to consider.

Best for Budget: TruSmile Veneers

TruSmile Veneers comes out on top when it comes to budget. Compared to other competitors, TruSmile Veneers is significantly cheaper, costing around $299 USD for single veneers and up to $499 for a set of both top and bottom veneers. You’ll also enjoy that they have a range of shade options, including Not Very Bright, Natural White, and even a Bleaching shade for a brighter smile.

TruSmile also offers financing plans that help make the price even more affordable. They also provide a manufacturing guarantee, which means if your veneers don’t fit perfectly when they arrive, they’ll remake your veneers, free of charge.

You can expect your snap-on veneers to last 1- to 5-years. To make them last, you’ll need to take care of them and clean them regularly. Their site also states it’s okay to eat soft foods and drink cold and warm beverages while wearing the veneers but they should be taken out when eating hard foods and drinking very hot drinks.

Best for Shade Options: Instasmile Veneers

If you’re looking for a company that offers a wide range of shade options, then consider Instasmile Veneers. They offer four shade options, including Hollywood White, Pure Natural White, Light Ivory, and Medium Ivory.

Instasmile Veneers also offers two design options, including Instasmile Classic Veneers and Instamile Dynamic Veneers. The Classic design is ideal for individuals with up to 2 missing teeth or those looking to cover chipped teeth, minimal gaps, or mild to moderately crooked teeth. The Dynamic design is better suited for individuals missing up to 6 teeth per arch. This design is also better suited for individuals with mildly crooked teeth, short or ground teeth, and multiple missing teeth in a row (a maximum of 5 per arch).

Instasmile veneers range from $450 USD for top or bottom veneers or $675 for a set of top and bottom veneers. They also offer payment plans to fit every budget.

Best for Design Options: Brighter Image Lab

Brighter Image Lab is one of the pioneers in the industry, with 20-years of experience. Over the years, Brighter Image Lab has helped over 300,000 clients and created nearly 70,000 custom-designed dental veneers. Along with their experience, they also offer a variety of models and shades to choose from.

While their prices may be higher than some of the other competitors, the customization might be worth it. Prices range from $795 USD for press-on veneers and up to $2495 for the IncredBIL model. In addition to the traditional BILVeneers features, IncredBIL Veneers also feature exclusive translucent material, a complete facial analysis, a fully dynamic smile design, digital microscaling for thinness, and targeted inter-oral digitization.

Best for Durability: Removable Veneers USA

Removable Veneers USA is one of the most well-known competitors in the industry. While they’re not the cheapest option on this list, they do offer durability. They’re also made in the USA by licensed dental pros and offer 3 premium models to ensure there is a set of veneers for every budget.

The cheapest option is the Premium veneers, which cost $699 USD. While they are affordable, they’re only meant to be worn occasionally and are not meant for eating. You can also upgrade to Premium Plus which costs $899. With Premium Plus, you can wear your veneers daily and eat most foods. And finally, you can upgrade to their top modal, Superior, which is the strongest daily wearer and you can eat all foods while wearing them. The Superior option costs $1499 for a set and also comes with a free extended 1-year warranty and ultrasonic cleaner. You can also purchase an extended warranty for the Premium and Premium Plus models for an additional $99.

Best Overall: Shiny Smile Veneers

Out of the many snap-on veneer options available, Shiny Smile Veneers stands out as one of the top choices. One reason that makes them great is they offer three different veneer shades, including Bright White, Pearl, and Champagne. This helps ensure you can find the right brightness for your smile. The Pearl shade is the most natural-looking, while Bright White offers a dramatic look.

Shiny Smile Veneers are durable, thin, and lightweight so you don’t have to worry about them bulging excessively. They also feature a non-porous, highly polished surface and guarantee no color change for up to 2-years. While you can eat soft foods, such as yogurt and ice cream, and you can drink cold and hot (not boiling) beverages, the company recommends removing your veneers when eating. This can help extend the life of the veneers. Chewing gum is also not advisable while wearing the veneers. Single (top or bottom) veneers are as low as $370 USD, whereas a set of both top and bottom costs $570. A 15-month basic warranty is also included.

A Note on Safety

It’s important to note that snap-on veneers should be used as a temporary solution as they offer short-term benefits. They can be a great option if you’re not ready to commit to permanent veneers and want to try out a new smile or if you want to cover up minor cosmetic problems like stained teeth, missing teeth, misaligned teeth, or minor gaps.

Snap-on veneers should not, however, be used to cover up tooth decay, gum disease, or other serious oral conditions. In fact, doing so may cause gum inflammation and more tooth decay. Oral health concerns should always be addressed and treated by a dental professional. It’s also crucial to maintain good oral hygiene and you must remove and clean your snap-on veneers every night to prevent damage to your natural teeth.

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