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Top Affordable Chairlift Brands

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By Chelsea Dolan

One of the places seniors are most at risk for falling is a staircase. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around three million older adults are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries each year. Falling is also the cause of more than 32,000 fatalities in older adults annually. To prevent falling up or down the stairs, seniors can get a chairlift installed at home.

Chairlifts allow seniors to move safely throughout the home and lower the risk of a fall on staircases. You can discover other benefits to chairlifts with an online search.

Here are some of the top affordable chairlift brands to consider.


Anyone looking for comfortable and affordable chairlifts should check out what AmeriGlide has to offer. The company can accommodate whatever chairlift needs you request, whether it be a curved or straight staircase.

There are three types of stairlifts available with AmeriGlide:

  • Straight Stairlifts starting at $1,999;
  • Curved Stairlifts starting at $8,614, and;
  • Outdoor Stairlifts starting at $2,850.

AmeriGlide guarantees the best price for chairlifts. But if you find a lower price elsewhere, the company will match their price and give you an additional 10-percent off.

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Another company that sells both straight and curved stairlifts is Handicare. The lifts are relatively affordable with Retirement Living reporting that prices start at around $2,500. The prices will range depending on the model you choose.

Some options available with Handicare include:

  • Hinged track;
  • Folding function;
  • Swivel function;
  • Body harness, and;
  • Slide track.

A safety feature that customers will like is the seven sensors that automatically detect objects in its path and stop the chair. Additionally, there is also an emergency stop button just in case a user needs it.

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Stairlifts are one of the many types of accessibility mechanisms offered by Harmar. According to Retirement Living, pricing for Harmar stairlifts starts at around $2,500 plus the cost of installation.

Something worth noting is that these stairlifts are designed to provide up to 60 trips in the event of a power outage. Plus, seniors seeking a small and discreet model can choose one that folds as narrow as 10.5-inches when not in use.

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Savaria creates products to provide accessibility and help people maintain their personal mobility. You can search online to find a Savaria seller near you and check out its various products.

Pricing for a base model stairlift starts at $2,750. One option to consider is the K2 Straight Stairlift. It can fold up to a width of less than 11-inches, which can leave more space on the stairs when the chair is not in use.

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Customers can purchase a Stannah straight stairlift starting at $3,400. Customers will receive a professional installation, an extended warranty, and all the necessary features you’ll need to use the stairlift. Custom curved stairlifts will cost more, so ask for a free quote if you’re interested.

Stannah has been designing stairlifts for more than 40-years. Some of the models available with this brand include the:

  • Stannah Starla;
  • Stannah Siena;
  • Stannah Sadler, and;
  • Stannah Outdoor.
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Types of Chairlifts

Not all staircases are designed the same. Some are curved, narrow, or maybe even outdoors. Whatever the case, chairlifts can be customized to meet your needs and fit your home. The two basic types of chairlifts are straight and curved.

Stairlifts come with standard features, such as a speed governor, seat belt, and manual lowering feature. There is also the option of getting a key control to prevent children from playing with the lift. Another safety feature worth mentioning is obstruction sensors, which stop the chair when it meets an object.

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Are Stairlifts Covered by Medicare?

If you’re a Medicare subscriber, then you might be wondering if your plan has coverage for chairlift installation. The answer is probably not. Unfortunately, stairlifts are usually not considered durable medical equipment that Medicare helps pay for under Part B.

Some seniors eligible for Medicaid could receive some financial compensation for a chairlift through Home and Community Based Services. Find out if you’re eligible for this assistance by searching online.

Alternatively, consider renting the stairlift equipment if you only need it while recovering from an injury or if you plan on moving out soon.

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Chairlifts Give Seniors Independence

Whether seniors are dealing with an injury or limited mobility as they get older, it can be difficult to accept. What used to be simply going up and down the stairs at home can become a serious health hazard. No senior should lose access to an entire section of their home.

Chairlifts can give seniors the freedom to travel through all levels of their home without the risk of falling. Not only will it make seniors feel more independent, but it will also give their loved ones some reassurance knowing they can safely move throughout their home.

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Other Benefits to Chairlifts

Safety and regaining independence are two of the most important benefits a stairlift provides. Beyond these two reasons, there are plenty of other reasons seniors should consider a chairlift at home. Companies aim to provide you with a hassle-free service that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Some additional benefits to chairlifts include:

  • Comfortable chair with cushions and armrests;
  • Allows seniors to live at home longer;
  • Quick installation services;
  • Easy to use;
  • Customizable user options, and;
  • Short-term solutions for injured seniors.
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Are Chairlifts Easy to Use?

Using a chairlift is not complicated. In fact, all it takes is a switch to control the chair’s movement. Holding down the button will move the chair and letting go of the button will stop the chair immediately. Once the chair reaches the end of the track, the chair stops automatically.

Chairlifts come with different functions depending on the model you choose. For example, some users may opt for a remote control to move the chair. This may be preferable if you want to carry items between levels or if there is a caregiver working in the home.

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When to Consider a Chairlift

Getting a chairlift might seem like an unnecessary investment to some. But this device can be helpful in many situations that are less obvious.

Besides mobility issues and safety, here are some other signs it might be time to purchase a chairlift for home:

  • You pull yourself up the stairs using a banister.
  • You’re shuffling up or down the staircase instead of walking.
  • You have problems seeing the steps.
  • You get out of breath or dizzy.
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Compare Chairlift Brands Online

Chairlifts can give seniors the freedom to continue living in their homes and lower the risk of injuries on staircases. Whether the staircase is curved; straight; or outdoors, companies can customize the lift to meet your needs and fit it into your home.

Search online to discover chairlift companies in your area. Each brand comes with its own models, prices, and customer service offers. Compare your options and see if they can give you a free quote or trial period to test the chair out before committing.

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Chelsea Dolan


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