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Reasons to Try Portable Oxygen with COPD

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By Katherine George

While there is no cure for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), there are many treatments to ease symptoms, reduce complications, and improve quality of life. One of the best ways is with supplemental oxygen therapy which will improve breathing, alertness, energy, and improve mobility.

Many people who struggle with a lung disease or breathing disorder use supplemental oxygen therapy. While it offers many great benefits, there’s no denying that portable oxygen is the way to go. It provides all the same benefits as supplemental oxygen therapy, in addition to more freedom and independence. It’s extremely travel-friendly, light weight, and can even be used while driving!

Here are all the reasons a person with COPD should start using portable oxygen concentrators (POCs)…

Improve Mental Alertness

When the body doesn’t get enough oxygen it affects the entire body, particularly the brain. It can create a mental fog. In fact, mental fogginess is one of the first signs that a person with lung disease isn’t getting enough oxygen, says the American Lung Association. The best way to improve or fix this, is to use supplemental oxygen. Portable oxygen can keep the brain and other organs healthy by providing oxygen at all times at any place, anytime, whenever needed.

Travel Friendly

Do you often stay home or limit yourself from taking part in activities and events out of fear that you’ll run out of oxygen? This is where portable oxygen concentrators come in. You can easily take them anywhere. Most products are lightweight, compact, and unlike traditional tanks, they don’t need to be refilled. According to WebMD, POCs run on batteries and some can even last up to 12 hours. Most will come with a special adapter so in addition to being able to plug them into any outlet, you can even use them in your car!

Don’t Have to Rely on Tank Refills

The beauty of a portable oxygen concentrator is that you don’t have to rely on an oxygen tank which means no cumbersome refills! Another benefit of not having an oxygen tank attached is that it’s super lightweight, so you don’t feel tied down to your oxygen tank. It also doesn’t really look like a medical device, so you don’t have to feel self-conscience (if that was an issue before) about your tank sticking out like a sore thumb.

If you choose to purchase a portable oxygen tank from Portable Oxygen Solutions, they promise a product that allows you to switch freely and easily between AC power at your home, to DC power in a vehicle, as well as battery power anytime. This provides so much freedom and offers the ultimate portable experience. So, say good riddance to scheduling your life around your oxygen tank. No more making or breaking plans based on whether or not your tank is full, or how many bottles you’ll need to take with you. You get to be in charge again.


As we just mentioned, a portable oxygen tank gives you the gift of independence. You can go back to living an energetic and active lifestyle because these machines are designed to go with you anywhere at any time. They are extremely travel-friendly with carrying cases, wheeled carts, and many other accessories that improve their mobility. You don’t have to fret about trying to get around with a big and bulky oxygen tank. If you were someone who hasn’t tried oxygen therapy at all, you’ll notice a huge improvement in your energy levels.

Thanks to the fact that these devices are battery operated, you can easily go anywhere, plus you can recharge your oxygen at anytime, as long as there’s an outlet around.

You’ll Be Happier and Healthier

You might be surprised to find out that portable oxygen therapy can make a person happier, but it’s true! Studies have found that oxygen therapy in general can be linked to improve cognition, performance and mood. It’s even been shown to boost a person’s self esteem. Portable oxygen only contributes to this because of all the benefits it offers, like more freedom, independence, and control. You’ll also be able to live a more active life which will improve both your physical and mental health. Having a portable oxygen concentrator means you can freely join in on activities and break free of any restrictions that come with using a normal oxygen tank.

Better Night’s Sleep

If you start using portable oxygen therapy to treat COPD, you’ll likely notice that you’re sleeping better at night. This is because oxygen saturation levels tend to drop during sleep. This occurs even in people with healthy lungs, but it can be dangerous for those with COPD. If you have COPD or another type of lung disease, transient nocturnal desaturation may interfere with the quality of your sleep which can lead to further health problems, says the American Thoracic Society.

If you find that you’re struggling to maintain regular sleep patterns, then try switching to portable oxygen therapy because you may benefit from supplemental oxygen during sleep to help you get a better night’s sleep. Always check with a doctor first. They can get you set up with an overnight oximetry test.

Increase Energy Levels

Do you constantly feel tired throughout the day? If you already know you have COPD, it is likely due to low oxygen levels. To fix this problem, start using oxygen therapy, particularly portable oxygen therapy so that it can go anywhere with you throughout the day. This oxygen therapy will help increase your stamina levels so that you’re able to accomplish everyday tasks like getting dressed, cleaning the house, and preparing a meal without feeling completely exhausted afterwards.

Senior Managing Editor

Katherine is the Senior Managing Editor of ActiveBeat and Childhood. She is constantly striving to live a more active and healthy life, from eating healthy, exercising, and just spending more time outdoors. She enjoys cooking (with wine), walking her dog, reading, and recently joined a yoga studio!

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