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Magical Hacks to Try With a Magic Eraser

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By Clarissa Vanner

Dusty baseboards, unwanted permanent marker drawings on the wall, and greasy stovetops are a few of the many messes we deal with. We get it, and we’ve been there too! But of all the cleaning supplies you have on hand, is there one that could do it all? The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser might be it!

Many have raved about the Magic Eraser’s superb abilities and for good reason. And yes, while it can certainly help remove dust and grime from your home, it can also be used for so much more! Here are 11 Magic Eraser hacks you need to try.

What Makes the Magic Eraser So Good?

It’s no secret that the Magic Eraser has magical abilities but what actually makes it so great? Morgan Eberhard, a senior scientist with Mr. Clean told How Stuff Works, “Magic Erasers are made from melamine resin foam that’s surrounded by air pockets that look almost like tiny triangles. When we wet them, those tiny air pockets become about as hard as glass.”

It’s the points on the triangles that catch on dirt and grime when you scrub the surface. Another interesting fact is the Magic Eraser isn’t loaded with added chemicals. You only need to add water for a powerful clean. Now that we know what makes it so good, let’s check out all the amazing things it can clean.

Remove Permanent Marker and Crayon

Oh no! Your child mistook a permanent marker for a crayon and now you have a beautiful (but not so beautiful) drawing on your wall. If you felt sudden panic at that moment, don’t worry we, and many others have been there too! Luckily, the Magic Eraser can help!

The Magic Eraser can clean not only permanent markers but crayons too. It’s effective on many surfaces from cabinets, walls, glass, and more. So the next time your little one colors where they’re not supposed to, you can rest easy knowing you have the Magic Eraser in your back pocket.

Remove Dirt and Grime From Windows

Over time it’s natural for dirt and grime to build up on and around your windows. If you leave it too long sometimes it can be hard to remove. This is another great use for the Magic Eraser.

The Magic Eraser can be used safely on window glass and your window hardware making it an effective tool in removing build-up and haze. However, when cleaning, be sure to use light pressure instead of scrubbing to prevent abrading the windows.

Clean Your Shoes

Are your shoes covered in dirt, grime, and perhaps scuffs? Make them look brand new again with the help of the Magic Eraser!

This effective scrubber can help clean your shoes without the use of harmful chemicals. Your white sneakers will be looking like a fresh new pair in no time!

Remove Pet Drool

Dogs and cats love looking out windows and for good reason! Squirrels and birds provide great entertainment! But any pet owner knows how difficult it can be to remove pet drool off the windows — especially if you don’t clean it right away.

Forget the glass cleaner and use a Magic Eraser instead! But remember, when cleaning your windows apply light pressure, especially on tinted windows in your car.

Clean Your Computer and Smartphone

Be honest. Does your computer keyboard look filthy? How about your phone screen? This is because our hands leave oily residue causing the grime to build up if not cleaned regularly.

The good news is the Magic Eraser can help remove built-up oil and grime. You can also clean the outside of your laptop too. How Stuff Works also notes, “the Magic Eraser might also get rid of those scratches on your cellphone screen, too.”

Remove Rust

Cans and old cast iron pans can become rusty over time. But before you throw these items out, try removing the rust with the Magic Eraser.

Eberhard tells How Stuff Works, “As with any cleaning product, we recommend testing a small, inconspicuous area before using it on an entire surface.” Play it safe and avoid stainless steel appliances and anything with a  nonstick coating.

Degrease Stovetops and Counters

The kitchen can be one of the messiest areas in your home, thanks to grease. But that doesn’t mean you have to live in a messy kitchen. The Magic Eraser can help!

All you need is a splash of water and a Magic Eraser to degrease glass stovetops and kitchen counters. You can even clean oven doors and microwaves. As previously mentioned, just be sure to avoid stainless steel as it may scratch the surface.

Clean Tile and Grout

The kitchen isn’t the only place the Magic Eraser needs to be used. Another effective hack for this magical tool is to clean tile and grout in your bathroom.

If your tub or shower is covered in soap scum (possibly even mold), know you’re not alone! Simply scrub your tile and grout with the Magic Eraser and water to make it sparkly clean. You could even use the Magic Eraser to revive your shower curtain.

Shine Silver Utensils

You don’t need a fancy cleaner to polish your silver flatware. In fact, this is yet another job for the Magic Eraser — you need to try it! The Magic Eraser can polish your silver flatware just in time for your next dinner party.

It’s also effective at removing tarnish from sterling silver jewelry. Keep that silver shiny and sparkly with the magical sponge.

Remove Water Stains

Do you have hard water? Then you know too well how those stubborn water spots can show up on your shower door, tile, and dishes. Enter the Magic Eraser.

Simply wet the sponge with water and scrub the spots clean. For extra stubborn spots, you may find sprinkling baking soda on the spot can help too.

Remove Sticky Residue

There’s nothing worse than the sticky residue left from a price tag. Or perhaps you want to reuse a glass jar and need to remove the label. Instead of scrubbing for ages, use a Magic Eraser!

Simply wet the sponge and the area and then scrub away! That sticky residue will be gone in no time.

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