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How a Portable Oxygen Concentrator Can Improve Your Life

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By Chelsea Dolan

For people living with certain health conditions, they may require oxygen therapy. This involves using an oxygen tank at all times to ensure your lungs are receiving air properly. While oxygen tanks tend to be the norm, a more practical option might be overlooked. Portable oxygen concentrators is another form of oxygen therapy that has some positive benefits for its users. You can find out how this medical treatment works with a search online.

If you’re interested in using a portable oxygen concentrator, there are various things to consider first. A search online will tell you how much it costs to use and own.

It Can Treat COPD

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the general term for describing chronic lung diseases that cause breathlessness. Some examples of COPD conditions include chronic bronchitis and emphysema. According to the World Health Organization, it’s the third leading cause of death worldwide. As such, it’s crucial for people living with this disease to treat it effectively.

Portable oxygen concentrators can be used to help those with COPD breathe well. This machine takes air from the room and converts it into concentrated oxygen, allowing you to breathe efficiently. The device runs on batteries, so they don’t require refilling. You simply recharge it once it runs low on battery.

Since they are lighter than traditional oxygen tanks, users exert less energy carrying it around with them. Not having to hold onto oxygen tank refills is another plus. Users can also rest assured knowing they can’t run out of oxygen since it constantly converts air into breathable oxygen.

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They Are Easy to Travel With

Just because you require oxygen therapy, doesn’t mean your mobility should be limited. Portable oxygen concentrators can give you the freedom to move around without carrying heavy oxygen tank equipment. Just carry an extra battery with you and go on with your day.

There are various sizes of this device you can choose from. The smaller ones can weigh as little as five pounds, which is super easy to travel with. Moreover, you can conveniently travel with your portable oxygen concentrator by strapping it to a carry bag, backpack, or rolling case.

Better yet, this form of oxygen therapy is usually allowed on airplanes, unlike oxygen tanks. Just make sure to check in with your airline to confirm your device is permitted on the flight. The good news is most of them are approved for air travel. If yours is not approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, you can always rent one that is.

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The Other Ways It’s Helpful

Portable oxygen concentrators have the potential to help various aspects of your life. For instance, you could get a better night’s sleep. This machine ensures you get a proper flow of oxygen and steady blood oxygen level. In turn, you’ll hopefully experience less interruptions in the night.

Since there are various types of portable oxygen concentrators on the market, your device can be customized to meet your needs. You can choose between pulse-flow and continuous flow delivery based on what your condition requires.

Users can also experience more independence than they would with regular oxygen machines. The device can be carried everywhere to provide you with oxygen therapy. This portability allows you to participate in activities without the help of friends and family.

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The Cost to Use a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

If you’re looking to invest in a portable oxygen concentrator, then you have options. While newer models can vary in pricing, they typically cost anywhere from $1,495 to $3,495 depending on the weight and features offered. Keep in mind that it will cost extra to purchase accessories, such as a backpack or extra battery.

Alternatively, you can purchase a used portable oxygen concentrator to save some money. The prices can range from $800 to $2,000 and is an excellent option for people in search of a wallet-friendly concentrator.

Purchasing one of these devices to own is a worthwhile investment if you’ll be using it on a regular basis. However, there is the option to rent one instead. This can cost you about $35 per day or $240 per week. Depending on your needs, purchasing to own might be a more efficient use of your money.

Just make sure to purchase your device from a certified seller after discussing it with your doctor.

If you’re a Medicare subscriber, then you may you may qualify for coverage. Portable oxygen concentrators are considered durable medical equipment (DME) which is covered by Medicare Part B. Those with a qualifying plan and medical condition can have their rented oxygen concentrator and accessories partially paid for.

After meeting the Part B deductible, you pay 20 percent of the Medicare-approved amount. Be sure to look into your health plan before purchasing any equipment and talk to a representative to learn more.

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Learn More About Portable Oxygen Concentrators Online

Portable oxygen concentrators could be a great option if you’re living with COPD. They’re portable, lightweight, and most are permitted on flights. Depending on your situation, these benefits could be worth making the switch from traditional oxygen tanks.

If you’re curious to learn more about portable oxygen concentrators, talk to your doctor and see if it’s a fit for your condition. Don’t switch your oxygen therapy without consulting your doctor first. Find out more about how this device can help your condition with a search online.

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Chelsea Dolan


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