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House Cleaning Services for Seniors

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By Chelsea Dolan

Cleaning up the house is a major chore for people of all ages. However, it can be especially hard when you get older. Seniors often face existing ailments and limited mobility that prevent them from giving their home a necessary and thorough cleaning. Plus, the act of cleaning could even increase their risk of falling or injuring themselves by mistake.

That’s why seniors should consider hiring a cleaning company. These services can do the tough work for you. In turn, allowing you to enjoy a properly cleaned home without any struggle or risk.

To help, here are five of the best house cleaning services for seniors to consider.

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Molly Maid

One of the most recognizable cleaning service brands is Molly Maid. The company has over 450 individually owned franchises. Even more outstanding, it performed over 1.7 million cleaning services in one year. 90 percent of those cleaning sessions were from repeat customers.

You can buy a one-time cleaning session or invest in regular service that’s convenient for your schedule and lifestyle. In addition to cleaning services, Molly Maid can recommend reliable service providers in your area to help with plumping, repairs, and other home improvement tasks that might be difficult for seniors to do themselves.

The Cleaning Authority

Some cleaning services use harsh chemical products that damage the environment. Well, The Cleaning Authority isn’t one of them. This company uses environmentally responsible and sustainable products. As such, the company’s 20 million cleans and counting don’t pose any ethical dilemma.

The cleaners hired by The Cleaning Authority thoroughly target each room in the house. They’ll scrub the bathroom tile walls, dust every picture frame in sight, wipe down the microwave, and vacuum the carpet.

If you choose repeat service, your cleaners will implement a rotating service that includes more cleaning in addition to the standard list. They’ll divide their time between the bathrooms, living and sleeping areas, and kitchen. They will scrub places in your home that you might have forgotten even need to be cleaned.

You’ve Got Maid

If you’re worried about how much cleaning services will cost, You’ve Got Maid will give you a free estimate before you commit to a session. The company guarantees satisfaction. So if for whatever reason you’re unhappy with the service, an employee will return to re-clean for free.

You likely won’t need to complain about their work because employees go through a rigorous training program before getting hired. All You’ve Got Maid cleaners learn dusting techniques, vacuuming, and how to effectively clean bathrooms and kitchens. Plus, You’ve Got Maid uses eco-friendly cleaning products throughout all franchise locations across the U.S.

The Maids

With service available in over 40 states, The Maids have been cleaning experts since first starting in 1979. The company specializes in deep cleaning homes and focuses on four main sectors: dusting, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and vacuuming.

The Maids send a four-person team to efficiently clean your house using a thorough 22-step cleaning process. They also clean with your health in mind by using environmentally efficient products.

Merry Maids

With 40 years of experience, Merry Maids has performed over two million services. Their main goal is for you to enjoy life while they focus on the nitty gritty cleaning. This is why they’ve implemented a Worry-Free Guarantee. As such, Merry Maids wants you to be satisfied with the  work and will come back to clean again at no additional cost if that’s not the case.

In addition to cleaning, the company offers some services that could come in handy as a senior. This includes a decluttering service that can help sort messy cabinets, drawers, closets, or any other place in your home that needs to be organized.

Plus, the cleaners can prepare your home for any special occasion gatherings you’re hosting. That way, you know your guests will be walking into a tidy home while you can focus on everything else that needs to be done.

Cleaning Services Can Make Life Easier

If you’ve dreamt of having a maid but never considered actually hiring one, perhaps it’s time to hire a cleaning service in your old age. You won’t have to worry about spending energy on time-consuming tasks or risk possible injury that could come from cleaning. Plus, a cleaning service can give family members some peace of mind knowing the senior in their life won’t have an accident while washing the bathtub or vacuuming the stairs.

Whether your cleaning needs are extensive or minimal, hiring a cleaning service to do the work for you will save time and energy.

Research some different cleaning services in your area and find out which ones offer the service that will best meet your needs. See if they can give you a free quote before committing to a company; that way, you can compare and find the lowest rates.

Chelsea Dolan


Chelsea is an experienced writer with a passion for living a healthy life. She does her best at balancing her sugar addiction by going to the gym, parking far away from store entrances, and standing at her work desk from time to time.

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