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Best Winter Couple Workouts

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By Emily Lockhart

The couples that workout together; get hot together—something that’s particularly important during cold, harsh winter months.

So instead of locking yourself indoors and spending your evenings watching sitcoms on your sofa, try getting fit together with our recommendations for winter couple’s workouts…

Ski or Snowboard

Oh the weather outside might be frightful, but the ski hills are so delightful—when you’re skiing or snowboarding down the slopes, that is! Instead of hiding away until May, embrace winter and show your sweetie that you’re all about heart-stopping excitement.


Sure, you’ve done a picnic and hike, but have you tried it in winter? Nothing is quite as romantic as getting all bundled up (staying warm and cozy is key) with your honey and zipping down some white powder hills. Take a bottle of your favorite red wine to warm up together after.


Too snowy? Not for a winter afternoon of snowshoeing! Refuse to be cooped up indoors on even the snowiest days. Instead, strap on your matching snowshoes and head out to grab coffee or rent a movie—you can enjoy a well-deserved cuddle on the couch once you’re home.

Hot Yoga

Nothing says commitment like setting a date to get hot and sweaty together. Go to hot yoga as a pair and you’ll not only be less likely to skip the workout, getting all hot and sweaty together will likely encourage more intimate, post-workout physical activities—hubba-hubba.

Dog Sledding

Are you two lovebirds animal lovers? Then dog sledding may be the perfect active winter pastime. Not only will you bond with your mate; you’ll solidify a bond with your entire dog sled team as you swooshing over hills, mush over countryside, and, most importantly, burn calories while you take in the winter wonderland.

Winter Playtime

Baby, it’s cold outside. But you can warm up and have a blast by making your winter workout “playtime!” So grab your sexy someone and take to the winter wonderland to make snow angels, have a snowball fight, or build a snow-love-child.

Winter Sports

If you’re both less motivated in winter, take initiative and sign up for a co-ed winter sport, like hockey. Not only is the competitive teamwork healthy for building your relationship; so is getting out, being active, and being social with other members of your community.

Make It a Game

It might look like regular Tuesday evening game night to everyone else, but you two will actually be getting your sweat on when you fire up the Wii Fit for a competitive round of aerobic training. Invite friends over and make a regular night of it, or, better yet, keep it to yourselves and play Twister afterwards (wink).

Get Recreational Indoors

There’s nothing like a stimulating game of indoor volleyball or dodge ball to get your heart rate up.  The more you and lover stay moving during chilly months; the more energy and positive emotion you’ll have to winter in general (rather than dreading it). So combat winter SAD (seasonal affective disorder) as a pair and you’ll come to enjoy and anticipate wintertime too.

Hot Winter Salsa

Salsa, rumba, and tango—all forms of dance increase your cardiovascular prowess and strength, and all have roots in really warm climates. So get down to the heat of the music and burn some decent calories while you’re at it.

Emily Lockhart


Emily Lockhart is a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer. She believes that being healthy is a lifestyle choice, not a punishment or temporary fix to attain a desired fitness or body image goal. Anna helps her clients take responsibility for their own health and wellness through her classes and articles on ActiveBeat.

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