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Smart Kitchen Ideas 2020: Must-Have Gadgets and Appliances

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By Clarissa Vanner

Technology is getting smarter every year and companies continue to release more interesting products that make our day-to-day tasks even easier. Sure most of us now have modern smartphones, cars, and computers but we’re also seeing advances in all areas of our lives like in our home!

The kitchen already features impressive gadgets and appliances but thanks to modern technology they’re getting smarter. We can now use voice commands to turn on our ovens and coffee makers thanks to voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. Follow along as we roundup some of the top must-have smart gadgets and appliances you’ll want in your kitchen!

Smart Refrigerator

Refrigerators have a very important job of storing our food at an optimal temperature to prevent spoilage. Did you know even our fridges are getting smarter? LG offers a Smart Wi-Fi enabled InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator.

This fridge features a sleek glass panel that allows easy access to see inside without opening the door. Simply knock twice on the glass and the fridge will illuminate the contents within.

Furthermore, LG smart refrigerators let you control features by using the LG ThinQ app on your smartphone. It’ll even ping your phone if the fridge door has been left open!

Photo Credit: LG

Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

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Nothing ruins a meal more than cutting into undercooked (or overcooked) meat! You can avoid this from happening with the help of a meat thermometer. But don’t use just any thermometer, use a smart wireless meat thermometer like this one — it’s wireless and connects to an app via Wi-Fi.

The 165-feet long-range smart wireless meat thermometer called the Meater Plus is perfect for indoor cooking and outdoor grills. Now you can effortlessly monitor your cooking in the palm of your hand using their free app.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Smart Ovens

Did you know you can get a smart oven that you can control from the palm of your hand? The Whirlpool Smart Range connects to the Whirlpool app to help you manage mealtime from anywhere.

You can use simple voice commands to control your oven through Google Assistant or an Amazon Alexa-enabled device. Finally, you’ll also enjoy that the Whirlpool Smart Ovens sync with the Yummly app which gives you access to personalized recipe guidance. Not only will the app give you step-by-step instructions when cooking but you can use ingredient recognition in the Yummly app that scans your ingredients to find recipes that include what you have on hand.

Photo Credit: Whirlpool

Smart Countertop Oven

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If you thought having a microwave was convenient wait until you see what a smart countertop oven can do! Amazon offers a smart oven that is a microwave, convection oven, food warmer, and air fryer all in one.

But that’s not all, it also features over 30 built-in presents and you also get voice control with Amazon’s Alexa through a compatible Echo device such as the Echo Dot which is included with your purchase!

Alexa can notify you when the oven is preheated and when your meal is finished cooking. You can also use your Alexa app to scan select packaged foods and then your Amazon Smart Oven will cook them automatically. Finally, this spacious countertop oven is large enough to cook a 5-pound chicken!

Photo Credit: Amazon

Smart Countertop Burner

The Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System features a smart burner and three smart pans that communicate with each other and to you through the Cue app.

All you have to do is tell the Cue app what you’re cooking and it’ll guide you through a recipe. The app will provide you with cooking tips and will make sure you have the perfect temperature set every step of the way. Better yet, the Cue cooktop gives you to-the-degree control of your heat to ensure you achieve the best flavor and texture.

Photo Credit: Hestan Cue

Instant Pot Smart Wifi

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Instant Pot has quite the cult following, and for good reason! This modern pressure cooker can cook everything from fancy meals to desserts and everything else in between.

Now you can control your Instant Pot from the palm of your hand using the Instant Pot app. You can even get access through voice commands using Amazon’s Alexa. The Instant Pot Smart Wifi also comes with a stainless steel steam rack with handles, soup spoon, rice paddle, measuring cup, and condensation collector.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Smart Pans

SmartyPans offers a revolutionary way to cook and connects to your smart device via Bluetooth. Not only will you have access to a wide range of recipes but the pan calculates the nutrition of your dish as you cook, and it can automatically record recipes as you cook too.

This interactive way of cooking is perfect for beginners and for those who like to track their nutrition. Finally, you’ll also enjoy that it’s compatible with gas, electric, and induction cooktops and the nonstick ceramic insert is dishwasher safe.

Photo Credit: SmartyPans

Smart Air Fryers

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Do you crave fried flavor and texture but don’t want all the extra calories and fat? If that’s the case then an air fryer is the perfect small kitchen appliance for you!

Air fryers are getting smarter every day, just like this Cosori Smart Wifi Air Fryer. Not only can you control the fryer from the palm of your hand using Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant but you’ll be notified once your meal is done cooking!

Additionally, this air fryer also features 11 built-in, one-touch presets for a variety of dishes. You can also explore the VeSync app which features over 100 recipes. Simply select a recipe in the app and the fryer’s settings will automatically adjust. Ah, technology!

Photo Credit: Amazon

Smart Dishwashers

Washing dishes by hand always feels like a chore. Thankfully we now have dishwashers that make cleanup a breeze! But even dishwashers are getting smarter with new technology.

Not only can you get spotless dishes but dishwashers like models from LG feature a function that shows your cycle status in an app. You can even check your cycle status with voice commands using the Google Assitant or Amazon’s Alexa. Finally, what makes this dishwasher more impressive is you can sync it to your Amazon Dash Replenishment Service so you can automatically get your favorite dish detergent delivered to your door when you’re running low.

Photo Credit: LG

Smart Coffee Makers

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There is nothing better than the smell of fresh coffee in the morning and now you don’t even have to leave your bed to start your coffee maker! This Hamilton Beach coffee maker is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa which gives you the ability to ask your Alexa app or Alexa smart speaker to start brewing, change brew strength, and turn off the coffee maker automatically.

You can also effortlessly program your coffee maker through the Alexa app to ensure your coffee is ready when you wake up. If you forget to turn off the coffee maker, don’t fret, you can simply turn it off anywhere by using the Alexa app.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Smart Toasters

Say goodbye to your old toaster because once you try a smart toaster you’ll never want to go back! This touch-screen toaster by William Sonoma features smart technology that can toast bread in a fraction of the time. Better yet, you can toast bread from fresh or frozen and you can even reheat your toast — perfect for busy moms!

The touchscreen allows you to select your desired crispiness as well as the type of bread you’ll be cooking including bagels, toast, waffles, and English muffins — the options are endless! Once you make your selection the toaster automatically lowers the bread and pops up when it’s done. Check out the video below to see how it works!

Smart Faucets

Did you know you can even use smart technology with your kitchen faucet? The Kohler Sensate smart kitchen faucet features voice-activated technology that can dispense measured amounts of water at your command.

You simply say the words “turn my faucet on” and then fill your containers. You can also say “pour two cups” if you want the faucet to dispense a specific quantity. But that’s not all, the faucet also features a motion sensor so you can turn the water off and on with a wave of your hand.

Finally, the faucet also works with the Kohler Konnect app that monitors your water usage. The app can also notify you when there is unusual water flow — impressive!

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