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12 Ways to Blast Away That Bad Day!

By Emily Lockhart

We’ve all woke up on the wrong side of the bed, had sour milk in our cereal, had a black cloud hovering over our heads. On those bluer than blue days when we feel drained of energy and positivity, we can call into work sick and crawl back under the covers—or we can blast away those negative clouds with a few effective bad day blasting techniques.

Here are twelve tried and true ways to brighten that bad mood…

1. Have coffee with a friend

No not your glass is half full friend, but that friend who always seems to be smiling. You know; the one who always makes you feel energized after a visit and a hug. Grab a quick coffee and have a heart-to-heart to clear out all of your toxic trash.

2. Take 20 Extra Minutes Just for You

Instead of a quick morning shower linger for longer in a bubble bath surrounded by your favorite fragrance, get off the subway a block early and wander through that charming boutique you’ve always wanted to explore, or stop at a pet store and cuddle with a fuzzy kitty or get puppy kisses.

3. Indulge a Little

Book a massage at lunch, go sit in the steam room and read a magazine at the gym, get your favorite shoes cleaned at the mall, or skip out of work early and see a movie.

4. Turn up the Tunes

Music is proven to have a strong affect on mood. And upbeat music can quickly turn that frown upside down and make you feel more energetic. If your mood is suffering from stress, try some soothing music to bring back your positive focus and banish anxiety.

5. Get Your Groove On

Pair that music with some sweet dance moves and you’ll double the effect—and don’t be afraid to close your office door and break out your best robot in privacy.

6. Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Look through old photo albums or watch your wedding video—oftentimes a walk down memory lane will boost mood when you relive fond, cherished memories that remind you just how fortunate you are.

7. Get your Sweat On

It’s no surprise that physical activity will boost your endorphins (or good mood vibes). So go for a jog, a power walk, a cycle, a yoga class, or a swim—whatever it takes to get you moving and feeling better (and you will because you’ve accomplished something).

8. Treat yourself

Instead of your regular morning java; treat yourself to a fancy cappuccino, splurge on a nice lunch, put a piece of dark chocolate under your tongue and savor it, or by that colorful scarf you’ve had your eye on…you know, in the color that really brings out your eyes.

9. Get Outside

Grab your walking shoes and get outside into nature. A brisk walk and a few clean breaths of fresh air during lunch will clear out those negative cobwebs!

10. Give Back

Your bad mood can often seem trivial if you step outside of yourself and give to someone less fortunate. So volunteer at a soup kitchen, read to seniors, ask to take your pet into a children’s hospital, gather up old clothes and donate them to the Salvation Army.

11. Get out Your Good Mood Box

It might sound silly, but I made myself an emergency bad mood blasting kit! I just filled a colorful gift bag with tiny treats that I know will blast me back to positivity—like a pack of my favorite jelly beans, a mixed CD of my favorite feel-good tunes, a DVD of my favorite movie, a few sentimental photos, and a yummy scented candle.

12. See the World Like a Child

Nothing can snap you out of your adult worries faster than spending some quality time with a child. Let them show you how to let go,  just be in the moment, and play!

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Emily Lockhart


Emily Lockhart is a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer. She believes that being healthy is a lifestyle choice, not a punishment or temporary fix to attain a desired fitness or body image goal. Anna helps her clients take responsibility for their own health and wellness through her classes and articles on ActiveBeat.

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